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January 28th, 2015

dear god, i love this jewelry.

i don’t remember where i found it on instagram, but i fell in love.  i reeeeeeeally want all of the bling rings and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bouncy ball necklaces.  i love when people use weird/random stuff in accessories.  especially playful stuff.

check our erica’s shop!


pink_swirl_bouncy_ball_necklace_detail_Funhouse_Labs monster_charm_bracelet_side_Funhouse_Labs

nova, how i adore thee…

January 27th, 2015

back in the C-O-P magazine days, there was a post (possibly interview, if i’m not mistaken) featuring a miss nova rockafeller.  i remember ass jiggling, the ferris wheel at toy “R ” us in times square and plastic accessories everywhere… i fell in love (no, really, like TOTAL fucking lady boner for this chick #UNF).

i recently checked to see what was going on, and she does have new music and thangs. you should go check her out…  i’ll be supporting her via itunes later this evening when i can *finally* sit down and chill instead of packing up my apartment.  here’s one of her adorably gangster vids for you to feast your eyes upon.

YouTube Preview Image


January 27th, 2015

soooooooo if you were a fly teenager in the mid 90’s,  you knew the akinyele song “put it in your mouth“.  i would say it’s up there with “aint no fun” by snoop, but obviously, filthier.  as a budding 13 year old, i was gleefully exposed to this song by a thot i was hanging out with back in 7th and 8th grade (oh, if i could turn back time).  that song and adina howard’s “freak like me” were our junior high anthems.

aaanyways, i was thinking to myself the other day – who the hell was the girl on the track?  was she known for other stuff back in the 90’s as well?  i was equally submerged in hip-hop and R&B as i was rock back then… so i googled…

i learned two things immediately:
a) her name is kia jeffries
b) just a few years ago, her disgustingly abusive husband beat her, and she killed her husband in self defense.

i googled her to find other info about her, and there aren’t too many things.  something about VH1 gossip something or other, that i didn’t look into.  i did find her twitter account, and “put it in your mouth” is actually listed in her bio.  maybe it did do things for her, who knows?  here’s her reverbnation page, though.  seems her resume is bigger than that song.  so either way, keep workin’ it girl!

iphone 6 woes

January 22nd, 2015

i finally upgraded my phone to an iphone 6 this week…  now i’m on the quest for a case.

i’ve had these plastic melt cases for my last two iphones, but they don’t make them for the 6 yet…  so i feel lost in life :(

+ i need a good beveled lip on the front for screen protection and i don’t want the buttons covered.
– i don’t want one of those crazy otterbox things, or a snap on case where there’s virtually no front screen protection.

does anybody have any suggestions?

old fart

January 22nd, 2015

i just realized the other day, while listening to the radio with my mother in the car, that i loathe and don’t know a lot of the newer music.

i also realized that while christmas shopping with my boyfriend for his neices and nephews this past year, that i have no idea what the cool toys are for the kiddos.  i remember being a kid and thinking to myself that the adults were RIDICULOUS for not knowing what we wanted for christmas without looking at our lists, or us explaining what certain things were… like, how out of touch were they?!  HOW COULD THEY NOT KNOW WHAT A KOOSH BALL, SUPER SOAKER OR A SKIP IT WAS?!

yup, i have officially crossed that line.

the good (bad) news is, my mother likes ed sheenan (is that even his name? or sheehan?), taylor swift (barf) and worst of all that “all about that bass” song…  so apparently at age 60, you can get back into the swing of things… sigh.

have you also crossed over to the old fart dark side?


January 21st, 2015

PSA: say hello to spartan.

this is a BIG DEAL for us web developers.  i mean, you shouldn’t be using IE anyways, guys. you should only being firefox, chrome, or safari (if you must).


which internet browser do you use?

online shopping

January 21st, 2015

as a creative person, i’ve always gotta weed through repeat offenders in the co-creative world for inspiration.  i’m HUGE on not copying people – – – there’s nothing LESS flattering than seeing someone copy+pasting what you’ve conjured up in your own head.  as of recently, i keep finding people tiring the same materials and looks.  i try not to do that when i’m creating pieces.  anyways, the point of this post was to just share a few companies that i’ve recently found, that inspire me, have rad stuff, and seemingly easily match alongside what i create! :)

NYMetsFace_large modify-watch-nebula

modify watches: under $100 and you can customize watches!


1face watches: (mostly) $40the profits go to charityLOVE LOVE LOVE IT …and they’re gorgeous.  i’m a sucker for digital watches.

bow-halloween3 bow-shining bow-80s

thevintagebeau: PRICEY @ about $40 a bow, BUTTTT they are handmade – so i respect that. time = money.

i’m HUGE into horror (especially anything stephen king or halloween series related), and i found his stuff searching for the shining (carpet) printed items.  well done, sir.


December 11th, 2014

i was wondering if anyone has or could recommend some good urban/fashion blogs THAT ARE MORE THAN JUST PEOPLE ENTIRELY POSTING PICTURES (tumblr’s/actual websites/zines/etc)!  it’s been so long since the days of missbehave mag, and we’re dyin’ here!!!  i’ve found some great blogs over the years, but they’re all dying out!  everyone is just too busy, uninspired, broke, over it (?), etc…  i miss back in 05-08 when websites and online mags were thriving, and creativity was pouring.  there were so many chicas dabbling in graphic design and applying their fun lives to it.

i feel like everyone has become so web-lazy, that all they do is report to instagram and facebook now.  i get that marketing is rough, and that’s a default audience, but it’s still not a dedicated website.  it’s pretty sad that so many people have been so lazy, that their twitter feeds have solely become a ghost town of links to their fb or instagram posts (cut that shit out, people).  maybe this is just because i’ve perused so many blogs even back in the days of the 90’s that i feel this way.  maybe a lot of people didn’t go through rad websites, so they don’t know what they were missing…  who knows?

ANYWAYS.  i’ve got some gems in the sidebar here on the right, otherwise HALLLLLLLLP!  i need some new content to peruse!

i wanna see: COLOURS, fun jewelry, graff, fashion, GOOD music, events, places to chill, art, inspiring people, people who help people, movies, ghost stories, sneakers, tattoos, cult classics, photography, hair, hot guys, hot girls, sex, embarrassing stories, CHILL AS FUCK/FUN STUFF – – – etc. – – – i would rather have femme-based, but i’ll settle on anything glorious, fo sho!

anybody have anything good???

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holiday bundles!

December 1st, 2014


hey everyone! i’ve added new holiday bundles to the site so that you can save a few dollars during the holidays!!!

there are exclusive rings that come along with the earrings as well. just a little holiday bonus :)

there are webless hoops and dreamcatcher earrings and wu-tang pin earrings, etc… so check it out!


October 20th, 2014

sadly, this year we won’t be participating in any pop-up shops or markets (that i know of)… so i’ll solely be concentrating on hooking you guys up via website/instagram – – – stay tuned by following us on instagram:
[jae] [jess] !!!

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ooooh la la!

October 16th, 2014


i’ve added the remaining ??? MYSTERY RINGS ??? to the site that i had featured at the last pop-up shop. there are yellow, purple and blue bottomed capsules that each contain 5 rings ($5 each capsule). the colours sort of match in each one, while still being random. there are all different kinds of rings inside of each of them!

there are fun ones, pretty ones, foody ones, spikes, gem rings, etc.

thank ya’s!

June 8th, 2014

thanks to everyone that came out to ladies love project!  i had a blast as usual, despite the drizzles and minor downpour in the middle of the day (yes, that IS me underneath my table, lol).

(thank you samantha for some of these pictures<3, and thanks jes for coming to help<3)

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