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ng x vans

April 9th, 2015



new spring hoops!

April 7th, 2015


i made these beautiful new green/pink dreamcatcher earrings, get em here.

go go gadget springtime hues!

April 4th, 2015


change of weather meant change of hair colour… i finally brought them purples back. ♥

summahtime LLP!

April 1st, 2015



don’t forget your roots!

March 12th, 2015


now that i’m locked into the ladies love project pop-up shop for june, and trying to get into another one… i’ve started making hoops again. lots of webless/crescent web/full dreamcatcher earrings are on the way! pins on webs, charms in webs, etc. – STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK, KIDS.

spring/summer are coming, so there will be a lot of vibrant colours on the horizon! ♥

in the meantime, you can browse le shop for other earrings (and i’ve added 7 new rings in the last month, also)…

LLP time!

March 11th, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

i just found this on youtube!  this was from last year’s ladies love project!  i love the vibe of the video, check it out.

OH! DUH!!!!!! the point of this post was to let y’all know that the next LLP #JJ will be participating in will be JUNE 27th of this year, in williamsburg!

more info to come…  hope we see you there!


March 11th, 2015

yesterday morning, i woke up pretty cheerful.  freshly bleached hair, makeup on point, lovely weather… i even left the house early.  then i got to the subway, where within 10 mins of leaving my house, my day was ruined.

i was standing on my platform, waiting for either local train.  there wasn’t a crowded platform… people weren’t standing on top of each other, so i didn’t think there would be a rat race for seats…  there i was – standing in my usual spot (i know where the train door will be), only standing next to some white dude that was pulling his laptop out of his bag.  the train door pulls up in front of us, and i’m right behind him, while people are strolling out of the train car.  i can see he’s going for one of the two available seats in the two seater bench to the right, and a girl is taking up two seats across from the empty seats.  i start to sit down next to him, and some old lady parks herself underneath me to the point that i sit on her.  like, she weaseled in and had to put her hands up so i wouldn’t fully sit on her.  i’m like ??????????

she’s lucky that i didn’t just throw a damn haymaker, because i turned around and i saw that she was a crabby old bitch.  i told her there was a seat across from where she just sat down – so wtf? …she shrugged at me and ignored me, pretending to read.  i used various curse words combined with the word “weird”, because she jolted my adrenaline within seconds.

i had to tap the girl taking up two seats on the knee to get her attention, and finally sat down (ironically underneath one of those new MTA courtesy campaign ads).  the crabby, older lady actually had the damn nerve to get up TWO stops later.

people are fucking insane.

lastly: i noticed that the old crab was wearing a cross around her neck.  now, i know i’m not the ideal catholic girl in any sense…  i pretty much forgo my license to practice my own religion, but i’m pretty sure that wasn’t very good christian behavior on her part.  jesus would not have approved of that bullcocky.  i hope he shook his head at her.  i took out my earbuds just to tell her that, but i never got the chance to.  that’s when she got up…  TWO.  STOPS.  LATER.

has anything like this ever happened to you on the subway? how did you deal with it?


March 9th, 2015

whenever i lay on my back, my stomach never shuts the fuck up…  there is so much gurgling and so many squishy/weird digesty sounds.  my boyfriend is always like WTF IS GOING ON IN THERE?!  so the other day, i pushed out my belly pretending i was pregnant or something (no, not wishful thinking), which led me to thinking “how can i do this? what’s going on inside of me when i do this?”.

i should have never googled about it…

i kind of want to throw up just reading about it.

did you know this is what happens when you push out, or suck in your belly?


March 4th, 2015

i’ve added these new prism rings to the shop… i’m craving fun colours and warm weather, so i’m breaking this one out early.

click here to buy this bad boy.


March 2nd, 2015

the foundation of my youth, during my coming of age years, was formed in the judgmental and loyal 90’s.  what i mean by that is, we used terms such as “sell out, poser, lamer… etc.”.  there were cliques, styles, sub-cultures and boundaries you were supposed to stick to.  if you broke those loyalties, you were a fake poser (who was lame).

 i still haven’t shaken that yet.

i have no idea why, but these are still my fundamentals.

read the full post .-➜

it’s brick out there…

March 2nd, 2015

the last five/six winters here in NYC have been fucking unbearable.  this year has been the year of the BRUTAL FUCKING WIND (paired with 11″ of snow), last year was SNOW, SNOW and MORE SNOW.  i googled to find totals of snowfall by inches, and here’s what i found…

 2009-10 » 51.4 
 2010-11 » 61.9
 2011-12 » 7.4
 2012-13 » 26.1
 2013-14 » 57.4

okay, that’s insane.  you would think after 33 years of living in new york city, i’d be used to the cold by now.  my hatred for it has only gotten progressively worse in the last few years, surprisingly.  when did i turn old and jaded?  i can’t imagine relocating, but who the fuck wants to put up with this any longer?  we don’t even get snow when it would be picture perfect – for christmas!

this weather makes me nutso.  i have gotten to the point this year, where it’s so cold out that i don’t feel it anymore.  i’m just numb to the cold…  but this shit ruins me.  my social life gets put on hold, i have a vitamin D deficiency, i get miserable bc i can’t wear my TOMS, and bc i have to wear my stupid north face jacket.  i hadn’t owned an actual winter jacket since 1999 (layers, layers, layers!), it’s so irritating to have to wear a jacket of this bulk on crowded NYC trains… :|  my tote bags/purses barely fit over my shoulder with this size jacket as well.  i just hate being bundled.

“some may say we’re weather martyrs, but snow and ice make us rock harder…” the bouncing souls, east coast, FUCK YOU

does winter severely harsh your mellow, too?


February 27th, 2015

i see white/gold.

unless you’re living under a rock, you know exactly what i’m talking about

i hope my eyesight isn’t fucked, because i do graphic design and web development for a living!!!


what colorway do you see???