product improv

May 22nd, 2015

so recently, there was a buzz amidst the interwebz that people were using crayola coloured pencils as eye/lip liner…  you’d just have to pop it in hot water for 5 mins and draw away!

welp, it sounded like an amaaaaaaazing product improv.  – – –  however, it could in turn be a dangerous one. derp!

according to a nylon blog post, they asked an eyeball specialist about this, and this is what they came up with:

“According to Dr. Mark Jacquot, O.D., clinical director at LensCrafters, “using Crayola pencils as eyeliner could cause a potentially serious eye infection—it could lead to temporary, or even permanent blindness.”
“The use of color additives in makeup is strictly regulated by the FDA and all makeup is required to have a list of ingredients on the label,” he says. “Even some color additives that are approved for other types of makeup, are not approved for use in the area of the eye. And, while they may be “non-toxic,” Crayola pencils do not use approved color additives, or preservatives specifically formulated to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow and multiply.”
So even though a pack of non-toxic colored pencils is much cheaper than purchasing multiple liners, it’s not worth the risk”


i did this three times since the youtube beauty vloggers first posted about it, and i have NO IDEA if it’s just a coincidence or not, but i had a red bump on the inside of my left eyelid.  it has since gone down, but still…  i wasn’t taking any chances.  especially now that i read that.


in other (safer) product improv… let us discuss the new nivea in-shower body lotion…

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inspiration station

May 20th, 2015

gwen stefani couldn’t have quoted it better:

“i can’t tell anymore – i don’t know what I’m looking for… you know what i mean? i think about it a lot…”

i like to contribute creativity – and it’s a bonus when i’m making money from it.  i find something, and i run with it as hard as i can.  it keeps me busy, it’s therapeutic.  since the 90’s, i’ve been into: graphic design, web design/development, making jewelry, making dreamcatchers, creating t-shirts, etc. as hobbies.  back in the early/mid 2000’s, i made contact tables and layouts for myspace users.

i’m always stuck on stupid about the myspace thing, because TONS of people used to hit me up for stuff, and i have no idea what to offer people for free.  photoshopping is so much fun!  people used to hit me up for contact tables/bio pics/collages/etc. – now there’s nothing really customizable.  maybe i should start making iphone wallpapers (obv i wouldn’t charge for it, just make them)?

anyways, i have this new apartment which is thankfully not on the first floor, or a basement (which is how i have been living for the past 5 years…) and i have this beautiful tree in front of one of my windows.  now that spring has arrived, and so have the leaves, it has been seriously relaxing me (and oscar).  i have two desks meeting in that left corner of my bedroom, and i can’t seem to get the feng shui correct.  my workflow between my computer/crafting stuff is so annoying.  i feel like once that’s in place correctly, maybe i’ll be back to feeling “useful” again.


i also wish i had more creative friends like me, to be creative with…  everyone is getting older and everyone is always busy or tired, they live too far away, etc.  // inspiration is fun when you have people in the same vein as you, hobby/design wise, and you can feed off of each other and come together to make super rad stuff.  too bad if it’s not the aforementioned issue, then it’s self-centered, competitive, thirsty egotistical people that i have no patience for…  meh.


mercury is in fucking retrograde, so there’s that, too.

it’s DEF fucking with me… maybe i should just calm down, and hold-tight until it’s ovuh.


May 20th, 2015

YouTube Preview Image

gahhhh, it was hard enough to get through the trailer for this, nevermind once the movie is released…  no eyeliner/mascara that day, my eyeballs will be on fire from crying.

♥ ♥ ♥ AMY ♥ ♥ ♥

May 15th, 2015

i’m always intrigued by those websites/people that post what they wear on the daily, and love it when they list where they got the items.  i’m really good at finding things online, but it’s also tiring, so the less work that i have to do… the better.

anyways, sometimes i’m all “i should do that!” (re: starting that type of a category/blog or whatever), but then i realize i dress like a 14 year old boy… so i’d be the saddest style blog ever, and i totally dismiss the idea. i  mean, i buy white, hanes v-neck t-shirts by the 6 pack, lol.  i shouldn’t be suggesting outfits to anyone.


^ today (and no, you’re not getting a full body picture, lol) i am wearing:

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May 13th, 2015

in the last few years, i got SUPER into doing my nails [ #S2NAILS , #insidejokesofinstagram ]…  i mainly fucks with scotch tape mani’s, but i’ve done a whole bunch of different styles.  one of my favorite repeat mani’s that i do are iridescent polish with essie luxeffects over it, and my middle fingers as the accent nail… aka “a bitch to remove”. since the 90’s, it’s always really been about glitter.  the more coats you put on, the more fabulous it looks…  taking it off however, not so faboosh.

lux s2nails

normally, i’d have to soak my nails in acetone for like 5+ mins on each nail.  the struggle with then wiping it all off was real.

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just a hard ass 12 year old

May 12th, 2015


i had this peanuts encyclopedia when i was little… it was a fill in the blanks book, surveying what was going on in my life at the time.  in 1993, i was 11 going on 12…

apparently, listening to rap.  most specifically, onyx.

#QUEENS, son.

(([ also my jam in 1993 ]))


May 7th, 2015

it’s currently that spring/summer transition in NYC. you know… that typical warm may day that is letting you know “bitch, you have one to two weeks before you’re sweating your asses off”.


it’s so funny – this sprummer week(s) are beautiful – but confusing.  it’s that time of year when teenage turds or FASHUN GIRLS are super eager to break out the short shorts, and then are freezing their buns off by 5/6PM…

anyways, this post is more of a “WTF ARE YOU DOING READING MY WEBSITE, GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!1″,  unless you’re at work (like me, boo.), OR if you’re reading this from outside, which is totally acceptable (and i’m jealous).

mr. softee is in full swing, go stroll around the village, go play handball, go sit at the lincoln center fountain, go sunbathe! (with sunscreen, of course), go to the bronx zoo, go to flushing meadow or astoria park!  GO GET SOME VITAMIN D!!! :)

just don’t do it wearing short shorts, we aint there yet.

♥ ♥ ♥

my roots

May 6th, 2015

a lil product update for y’all:

the jess side of #JAEJESS is kind of all over the place, but not really – bc i always default back to focusing on dreamcatchers somehow.

i went from threaded earrings, to threaded dreamcatcher earrings, to dreamcatchers/jewelry holders, to headbands, to stretch rings, to random/sporadic non-threaded/dreamcatcher earrings, now to bracelets… all over the place!  truth be told, i don’t take my selling jewelry all that seriously.  it’s more of a therapeutic hobby, but sometimes i make good money from it.  i love sitting down and working on dreamcatcher webs for hours… and i realized a few months back, that i should start making the home decor ones again.  it helps me work through things that are on my mind, so i’ve been doing just that – and accidentally increasing the inventory, lol.

the first time that i did LLP for #JAEJESS, i made two XL dreamcatchers to display all of my earrings on.  i figured it’d be a cute touch, seeing as that those were all i really sold at the time.  at that first market, someone asked me if i was selling one of my mondo dreamcatcher displays, and i figured “why not”.  i put into play a few medium ones, and they were a hit.  i fell off because i got super into making stretch rings… but i thought i should bring them back for this next pop-up shop in june…

(left: the dremcatcher holder i made for my earrings; right: what i’ve been working on lately – neons/fun colours.)

massivedc dc

i’ve never added hanging elements to my dreamcatchers.  i thought that they’d be too cluttered looking with jewelry on them, since i originally made them to be jewelry holders…  i love to put my own spin on things, so this batch, i used perler details vs. actual feathers (will be making more things to hang as well: hearts, moons, etc.).

i grew up a nintendo kiddo, and i’ve always loveeeeeeeeeed pixelated stuff – so this was right up my alley.  i based the main feather off of the super mario world feather, and am trying to create different shaped smaller ones as i go along.

they’re not in the shop yet, but they’ll debut soon!  if you’ll be in the NYC area next month, i’ll bring a bunch to the next ladies love project market i’m selling in ((( june 27th!!! @ rebelution ink hq, in williamsburg, bk ))).


May 5th, 2015

i’m not body shaming anyone, if it comes off this way…

i feel like i have to say that out loud, in case i seem really insensitive on this topic.  i just have very little patience for society’s delicate/PC feelings about certain things, especially when it comes time to coddling bad habits that overall effect people.  when you skirt issues and coddle people, you enable them, and you make the problem worse.

i don’t like to debate, and i really don’t like sharing my opinion.  i can’t stand hearing other people’s opinions for the most part (i’m open to listening/learning, but i don’t like when people preach).  i mind my business, and i live my life as best as i can without hurting anyone.  i don’t force how i personally feel on anyone, but when it comes time to a subject like health, i can’t help but just scratch my head at the general public.

i keep seeing pictures on instagram today about celebrating women’s “bigger” bodies, and i personally find it bothersome.  these posts are not just about mildly overweight women, not just full figures, not just womanly curves, not just big boobs or big butts, etc. – you should surf the hashtag and see what i mean, before/in case you form a bad opinion about what i’m saying.  i’m talking more about health, and not bashing women for being [insert whatever bad, unaccepted term that equates to being an unhealthy, higher weight amount].

i’m not saying that being overweight makes you NOT beautiful, but i don’t think that it’s okay to just sit back and glorify it, either.  being overweight should logically not equate to a good thing in anyone’s mind, and the girls that are posting in that hashtag.

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responsive, meh.

May 1st, 2015

*new layout*

mainly bc google (the current ruler of the world wide web) decided that they’ll omit websites from search results if they’re not mobile friendly.  before this, i had a message stating to just look at this website from a laptop/desktop…  which makes sense to me.  why would anyone want to browse an entire shop/website on a handheld device?  everyone is going to be blind in a few years, i swear.

long story short, i’ve been doing web design/development since ~1998.  for the longest time, our struggle was that people had old/shitty/small monitors.  all we wanted was for everyone to have wide screens, so we could universally situate (MORE!) content in better ways, utilizing more real estate…

…and that finally happened.

then one day, everyone decided to start looking at their websites on their mobile devices.  over a decade of waiting for that pesky resolution issue to resolve itself in the universe, fell to shit within just a couple of years… le sigh.

this lil web nerd tried to fight it, but the man won.  it’ll be an evolving work in progress, but it’s pretty much done.  now you won’t have to squint as much as you used to… lol.

ng x vans

April 9th, 2015



new spring hoops!

April 7th, 2015


i made these beautiful new green/pink dreamcatcher earrings, get em here.