¡el toro!

November 19th, 2015 @ 10:50 am

i have no idea why, but i came across the betches a few months ago, forgot to link them and completely forgot about the site.  my scatterbrain sucks sometimes…  anyways, i rediscovered them again yesterday and i got to browsin’ and readin’, and came across this article about septum piercings.

the article made me laugh, and as someone that’s had a septum for like, 10 years… i flick my chin at these fashun bastards that wear it as some sort of a trend.

OKAY, SO…  i know that septum piercings started as a tribal/society status thing, so technically it’s cultural appropriation (i’m a total hypocrite bc i fucking LOATHE subculture appropriation).  however, for my subculture, it’s just always just been a punk thing (the first line of this article pretty much just sums it up).  septum piercings are something either your face can just pull off or you really just can’t.  there are plenty of norms that can pull it off and look good, but if you’re not into the subculture and your style doesn’t fit it, i feel like it just looks stupid.  that was probably a super obv. statement, but i see thugged out girls on the train with them all the time and i’m just like “WHY?!”… it makes no sense, there’s no style flow.  it’s just as bad as the fashun people (we can all thank givenchy for that bullshit – awful).

givenchy givenchy-1 givenchy-2

those look so stupid, who would or why would anyone actually try to wear these stupid looking things casually?  oh right, the majority of downtown manhattan. ::: eyeroll :::

the small, ornate ones are just as bad, because only ppl that can’t pull them off, actually do wear them.  oh, and don’t get me started on the bootleg fake (sorry, faux) ring wearing turds…  laaaaaaame!

anyways, i came across this article, and it’s a (mostly) good example of faces that can actually pull it off (although the pretty url title and #’s: 5, 13, 14, 18, 23, 24, and 25 made me cringe – just, no… stop).


a) GETTING MY SEPTUM PIERCED:  it didn’t hurt…. AT ALL.  i wish the internet would collectively realize that everyone’s body is different, so it might be excruciating for another person, but it wasn’t for me.  in fact, my nostril was always the worst piercing to ever get pierced.  i even had it done twice, and both times were awful.  i bled like a stuck pig both times, at two different places (OOOH ALSO: getting it caught on polo shirts and towels was *the best* /sarcasm).

when i got my septum pierced, i didn’t feel it.  the clamp kind of just put enough pressure to prevent the pain?  i don’t know, but my eyes involuntarily dropped tears, and that was that.

b) AFTERWARDS/AFTERCARE: it was sore to the touch for a week, then it was fine.  it was probably the least annoying piercing that i’ve ever had, tbh.  if i could go back and do the whole piercings all thing over again, i would have only stuck to having done my septum, tongue and stretched my ears.  everything else was painful and a pain in the ass in one way or the other (keloids, bleeding, gum depletion, i now look like i have a 2nd/mini belly button where it used to be pierced, etc.).

c) OMG LOOK AT ME: i was never one to show off my piercings for attention (aside from the facial ones i couldn’t hide, obv).  i am not one of those OMG I NEED TO BE TRUE TO MYSELF AND MY PIERCING NEEDS TO BE IN EVERYONE’S FACE ALL THE TIME.

when i’m at work, at family functions, around elders and other people i respect, i put it away.  i’m sure that people don’t care, but i care.  my HR dept. has even told me i could/should wear it down at work, but i don’t like to.  i feel like it’s almost rude.  so for the most part, my septum is flipped up into my nose, hiding/sitting.  it’s also a really small ring.  when they first pierced mine, i had a larger ring and switched it out as soon as i could.  i got a smaller ring (not gauge) and had the dude bring the horseshoe balls closer together so i felt less bull-like.

d) BLOWING YOUR NOSE: (once it’s healed, of course) you can blow your nose like anyone else.   you can do it without it being a pain in the ass or it hurting or anything, if the ring is down/out of your nose.  you don’t really notice after a while…  just like anything else (ear piercings, tattoos, etc).

e) UNSANITARY CONDITIONS:  i mean, you COULD wash it everyday with a little bit of antibacterial soap, or  you could take it out and sterilize it with alcohol, etc.  i usually just wash it with soap once a week or so.  if it’s up, it usually doesn’t require a lot of cleaning.  when it’s down, it gathers lots of fun/germy things.

the bottom line is: septum rings fucking STINK.  sometimes at a low level, sometimes it’s reeeeally bad.  there have been times where it’s smelled like straight dog shit in my nose.  i’m guessing sweat? dead skin? food (yeah, gross, i know… but sometimes you just forget to put the ring up before you’re biting into a sandwich or a burger or something.  it’s the truth.)?  there are so many things that make it stink, google it yourself if you’d like.  it’s just like earring funk smell, just 90x worse… and in your nose, so you can’t avoid it.

if yours gets stinky, you just wash it.  it’s that simple.  it’s either something you can or can’t deal with, but it’s gonna happen either way.

at the end of the day, it’s not something you just do, and it’s just there and you don’t have to maintain it…  like everything else, you have to take care of it – there’s upkeep.  i always just wish everyone would stop trying so fucking hard, and stop making these things trendy.

xmas time is coming!

November 11th, 2015 @ 2:42 pm

i hate to be the premature christmas/holiday nut…  but i strolled into starbucks this morning and they were playing the peanuts song “christmas time is here”, and it catapulted me right into the xmas mood (as well as creepily huffing the annually purchased frasier fir candle that entered my life this past saturday… lol).

truth be told, there’s just something about the peanuts in general that just makes me fuzzy, though.  my boyfriend plays the theme song to calm me down, and it’s his ringtone for me in his phone, lol.  it just takes me back to being a kid, i guess.

just a heads up – i’ll have the xmas bundles and other sales ready, starting for the last week of november.  i’m going to make some new ones this year as well as keep what i had last year, since people seemed to like the pairings.

i’ve also added new earrings and rings in the last two weeks (and there will be new stuff added through this month), so go SHOP!!!

too, toofly!

November 11th, 2015 @ 10:37 am

my job launched a new website recently that’s latina focused, so of course i wanted to let them know about maria (HELLOoOoOoOo, does ladies love project ring a bell???)!!!  and i’m glad to see that they featured her on their site! :)

read the article here, and click here to read more about maria’s latest endeavor – warmi paint here. ♥


hoops on hoops on hoops!

October 22nd, 2015 @ 3:20 pm

i know i push my dreamcatcher earrings more than any other type of earrings that i have in the shop…  they’re just so different and funky and rad…  but i must say, i do also really adore my webless jammies.  they get a lot of love from the gals, and i make them less often than i should.


i’m going to make a bunch for the holiday season.  i usually throw 2/3 colours together when i make them… so the possibilities are endless.  if you’d like to have a custom order made, contact me!

always late to the game…

October 21st, 2015 @ 2:35 pm

i don’t understand how/why it’s so hard for “fashion” people on popular websites to be on the ball with “trending” stuff…  they have christopher columbus syndrome, meanwhile this was already mass produced like 3 years ago.  i was reading buzzfeed yesterday, and stumbled upon an article about “glass nails”, and was like… uhhhhh.  been there, done that.

all you really have to do is find a few nail IG accounts that are actually on point and up to date with trends, follow some hashtags and indie polish brands.  there’s a plethora of ideas and resources out there… it’s not that hard.  don’t rely on buzzfeed or nylon or cosmo to tell you about stuff like this.  i’m actually laughing that it took them almost 4 years to discover this “trend”…

here’s the article.

now, i get that the buzzfeed version is way larger in scale than what i’m about to show you, BUT… no average gal is going to sit around at home cutting/gluing pieces of cellophane to ten of their fingers.  this is a cheaper/easier option, and this top coat is gorgeous.  it’s a revlon line of polishes (seriously, they went through a period a few years ago that was out of this world with glitters). here they are:

one, two, three different posts/swatches of the moon candy line.

the trick to chunky glitters like this, is to have less of the polish and simply picking out the pieces and placing them strategically on your nail.  you’re going to get horrible/thick build up of the clear polish if you just keep layering it.  revlon only sells these as the opaque solid base coat/the glitter in one… but you should experiment with other polishes as your base coat, not just what they provide.  these mani’s also look AMAZING with a matte top coat, FYI.

this chickadee did such an amazing job of coming close to what the buzzfeed article looks like WITH the revlon moon candy…  amazing.

these types of manicures take patience, if you want them done right.  just do a little bit of research on how to do it the right way (cough elmer’s glue or OPI glitter off base coat cough), and give yourself time.


fashun girrrrrl.

October 20th, 2015 @ 5:38 pm

going into junior high, i was a confused soul.  i spent an entire summer going into the 7th grade with my cousin marie, that lived upstate.  upstate girls were well… girly.  i ended up being around dolphins, clinique happy and in a sunflower themed bedroom all summer.  i was wearing rampage clothing, contempo casuals and rainbow items pretty often.  i wore baby doll dresses, overalls (shorts, lots of prints – plaid, flowers), keds, plaid skirts, body suits with the snap crotches (LOL), plaid button down shirts, mary janes, etc. i mean, it was the 90’s…  stone temple pilots, pearl jam, NIN, green day, offspring, bush, nirvana were on z100 at all times.  beavis and butthead and my so called life were the only things i ever really watched…  it was my coming of age.

i wish i had more pictures from back then, i don’t know what happened to them.  there’s the occasional, random polaroid floating around… but i was in the habit of constantly cutting up pictures and collaging them, so they’re few and far between now.

in junior high school, after being picked on for looking like a total weirdo, there was this one winter break week that i spent with my other cousin, nicole, that also lived in queens.  then came my love for hot 97.  i went from all of that 90’s rock/grunge type of fashion, to wearing uptowns, lugz, baggy jeans, eastlands, a columbia jacket, polo shirts, nike apparel, nikes, bubble jackets, tommy hilfiger, nautica, etc.  all the while, i went through some weird phase where i was in love with the colours maroon and forest green… and i wore them at the same damn time.  it was awful, but also easier to fit in with all of the spanish girls that were bullying me at the time.  the first day of school, i showed up in backless, sunflower print keds… you can only imagine what the girls spewed at me, while wearing their diamond turfs.  i adapted and changed up my style, but still listened to my rock music as well.

for some strange reason when i got to high school, i still was into the street/hip-hop style, but integrated leggings into the mix.  this was before leggings were a thing.  in fact, i used to get made fun of for wearing them, often times, they even had the stirrup.


at the end of my freshman year, i started dating my first boyfriend, who was big into grunge/alt rock and punk/ska.  we went to the same BUSH concert, and hit it off soon after…  i was still a little thug, and couldn’t kick it when i first met him – but it eventually faded…  slowly.  when i first met him, i was wearing shell tops, carpenter jeans and tiny juniors dept. shirts (guess, union bay, etc) – and then started the pacific sunwear phase.  i started getting into skater clothing, and back in 1997, flare jeans were all the rage.  so i wore flare jeans, platform vans, tiny shirts went and pierced my belly button.  it was all down hill from there.  punk subculture it was.

when that boyfriend broke up with me, i started going to raves. enter MASSIVE PANTS, teeny shirts, plastic beaded accessories, plastic hair barrettes, chokers, reflective shoes, chun-li buns…

oh, the 90’s.

in the 2000’s, it was the first end of my rave era, and the start of a dark/goth/new wave era.  i only rode that ship hard for about 4 years, because then i ended up dating a guy that hated everything about my style. no piercings, no this, no that… it was awful.  i lost myself…  whenever i’d go out somewhere, it’d usually be to punk shows.  between that and adopting style from johnny knoxville, i was all about cuffed pants, high socks, tiny shirts and hoodies.  i would throw some lacoste shirts in the mix… lots of band shirts, bandanas, and then i started dying my hair crazy colours.  i chopped all of my hair off at one point, then grew it down to my buns.

now, years later, i’m just a mish-mash of all of it, and i’m 100% comfortable with how i dress, and who i am.  i just wish it didn’t take so long to get here.  however, if i didn’t go through with all of those social circles/phases, i’m sure i wouldn’t be who i am today.

lastly, bully kids suck.

oh. em. gee.

October 20th, 2015 @ 12:43 pm

i’m a sucker for anything cult following/illustrated stuff by indie sellers – so this is right up my alley…  please meet m.lineham and his amazing art (instagram, website).

i want to get his robert smith tattoo’d on my leg so damn badly…  i neeeeeed extra money :(

here are a few of my favorites by him:

adam debbie ian // dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio. RobertSmith-RGB

what is the real new york?

October 16th, 2015 @ 2:15 pm

i feel beyond fortunate to have lived through NYC in the 80’s and 90’s.  i got to experience pre-transplant/hipster times that they long for, and think that they have.  they don’t, and they won’t… not ever.

see, there are things that have happened since i was born that were raw and early that can no longer exist.  simple things like small shops in the village that had character, graffiti on the trains, the “don’t walk/walk” signs (apparently non-english ppl can’t read, so they switched them out), phonebooths, cool music venues, paper transfers, tokens, lower population – when we had room to breathe, affordable rent.  i know there was crime, and tons of pollution, and gross sex stuff going on in times sq. – but the good outweighed the bad for us.

of course people have always landed here, i’m not saying as a native of NYC being born in the 80’s, that i’m anything special… but this used to be a place people could come and actually live here.  it wasn’t a fad.  these youthful, bearded idiots from other states have filled up the boroughs so badly, that there’s no room for that, or growth anymore.

back in the early 90’s, my mother was making the salary that i make today.  salaries haven’t differed or gone up all that much…  our rents (we usually lived in apartments) were ~$750 per month for a 2 BR in suburban queens.  now… 2 BR’s start at $2-24000 per month.  sure, i also blame the landlords, but i also blame the morons that pile 2/3 people in those 2 BR’s and hike up the rents.

anyways, i’m veering off from the point of this post (i’m sorry, i get transplant-rage).

i was looking for spots in queens recently, that could potentially hold a holiday pop-up shop for a collective of crafters.  i landed on a cute boutique in astoria, queens that had a little garden and it was really quaint, you know?  so i bookmarked it in my brain, and i followed the owner on twitter and instagram (who never followed back, eyeroll).  after a while, i started seeing her posting stuff re: queens pride.  kitschy sports banners, tote bags, t-shirts, etc. and at first, i was like “COOL!”, because i love anything queens related… but then i realized after then only seeing “ASTORIA •  QUEENS” pride, that there was a problem.

astoria, queens growing up equated to the following…
1. greek stuff
2. coffee shops and bakeries
3. diners (usually owned by greeks)
4. steinway street shops
5. astoria park

like any other spot in queens, you probably went there for something specific (ie: corona: ices and good spanish food, or jackson heights for great indian food).  astoria was never “a thing”.  sure, the people that grew up there had astoria “pride”, but no one shouted it from the rooftops like it was some sort of novelty item.  that’s the trouble with these transplants… they seem to think we lack some type of neighborhood pride or community.  they want to celebrate where they landed, thinking it’s the coolest place on the planet.  BUT… it’s. just. queens.

when they’re at home in like, norwoodville, iowa, do they have the same pride?  are there sports banners and t-shirts and tote bags celebrating their neighborhood? errrrm.  probably not.

anyways, back to the little shop that i found…

i started seeing this “ASTORIA QUEENS” pride merch, but no other queens ‘hoods.  of course my native spidey senses were tingling, and i was outraged that i was potentially and initially duped by a transplant.  upon further googling (and i had to dig pretty deep since homegirl never really openly admits her origins, and has “been an “ASTORIAN” (lol) for over a decade), i found out she was from the midwest, just as i figured.


they stick out like sore thumbs…  they’re so fucking lame.

i don’t even know what they get from this city anymore, since it doesn’t even feel how it used to.  they’ll never know what it felt like, so i guess whatever this shitty city has turned into is good enough for them, and that’s sad.  it’s bland, it’s too much money, it’s too crowded.


starbucks app > order ahead > YUSSSSSS.

October 15th, 2015 @ 12:02 pm

for whatever reason, i wasn’t using the starbucks app until last year.  my everyday starbucks manager marissa scolded me, lol.  she told me to get up on it… so i did, and i don’t regret it.

the obvious plus is that you get a free drink on your 12th order (zee lucky dozen!), but it’s also easier to just scan my phone, which is usually in my hand already.

there are other perks, like finding a store around you, and free apps (you know, the little cards you find when you’re waiting to pick up your order)… but my newest favorite isssssssss: ordering ahead! :)

you can actually place your order, choose your store, and just stroll in like a VIP and grab yo shit n go.  #LIKEABAUS

the only downsides:

  • you can’t set a default store or just repeat your order to a store
  • you can’t choose your temperature if you get a hot bev (yes, i am actually THAT picky – i get 120°, “kid temperature” drinks)
  • you can’t write notes for your food (ie: not to warm up a pastry item (i fucking LOATHE warm scones))

so if you’ve been too lazy to grab a gift card and set it up, DOOOO ITTTT already! :)

juvenate me.

October 15th, 2015 @ 11:50 am

i reeeeeeeeeeeeally hate roll my eyes at those girls that turn into their boyfriends little style clones.  there’s nothing cornier to me… BUT i can’t take credit alone for my recent return to nikeland.  my boyfriend recently catapulted me back into the world of sneakers.

before 2010, all i really ever wore were vans, saucony jazz’s/shadow’s and reebok classics.  i had every colorway of jazz’s that you could think of, they were my steeeeeeeeze.  as of 2010, i really only ever wore TOMS.  they feel like you’re wearing a pair of slippers, but functional for casual and “fancy”.  they’re just easy, cute and inexpensive.

i never really got the whole “sneaker head” thing, i find it kind of corny to spend tons of money on sneakers that aren’t even that cute.  i’ve never liked jordan’s, really and i’ve only found like 3 pairs each of dunks and air max’s good looking, ever.  i feel like they’re so overrated.  sure, in the early 90’s i played the sneaker game… but after my last pair of uptowns back in junior high, i went over to vans and shell-tops when i started going to shows in high school.  no more nike’s, really.  i didn’t come back to them until i started going to raves.  then it was all nike cortez, all day, erryday.

i never dated a sneaker head… i usually dated punk boys that weren’t interested in it, but steve is one of those sneaker people.  i really hadn’t realized it until last summer, which is odd, bc we’ve been friends for like four years.  he started buying kd’s, and i was intrigued by the pair of kd 7 gold medals that he bought.  the price is outrageous, so i wouldn’t buy them for myself, but i definitely appreciate them for what they are.  the colorway was awesome.

instagram’s popular page landed a pair of black aloha print roche runs in front of my eyes, and i fell in love.  i had to hunt them bitches down, too bc they were limited… such a pain, but totally worth it.  i also got the khaki toned pair.

anyways, the reason i posted was bc i also recently stumbled upon these juvenates sneakies, and realized that i’ve found my 2nd favorite nike, ever.  they’re so fucking comfortable…  so i’m recommending them to you gals…  they’re super light, comfy and they have cute prints/good colorways.  they’re a little on the pricier side ($90 for these polka dot jams), but totally worth it.


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rita ora, wtf?

October 1st, 2015 @ 11:34 am

dear rita ora,

i bought your pop art confetti top coat when you did the line with rimmel (actually, it can be seen on my fingers in many ring product photos in le shop {over the red polish}), and it sucked.  i’ve had tons of experience dealing with chunky glitters, but this was one of *the worst*.  the brush wouldn’t cooperate, and barely pulled any up from the bottle.  i did my best with that one mani, and i forgave you…

but then you just had to go and do this:

rita ora NOPE

no self-respecting, legit misfits fan would ever entertain that album.  i am appalled.

if you’re going to encroach on the punk subculture, at least do it with some respect and dignity. :(  a little research goes a long way…

i feel like a bully right now bc of this post, BUT i do actually like her!  it’s just that… this is not okay, lol.

misfits over all, always.

ha! YESSSSS, manic panic!

September 28th, 2015 @ 5:12 pm


and in “inspiring news” of the day… manic panic is releasing this cute set on october 1st… i love love love the packaging!  however, my hair is already violet, it has been turquoise too many times AND fades to that shade when i use the green/blue shades of preference.  pink hair = just… ew. but that orange/red is soooo intriguing.  i don’t think i could really pull it off for very long, though. that doesn’t match anything i wear, nor my skin tone.

i have to say, the orange red is my favorite out of the 4.

all this line is doing for me, is visually inspiring me.  i’m a sucker for good packaging, but it’s not gonna make me buy it, sorry MP. ♥

apparently, sephora is also doing a line for jem.  what i could find online didn’t look very promising…  just like the movie reboot.


dear lush, i’m breaking up with you.

September 10th, 2015 @ 4:52 pm

i’ve been a loyal LUSH customer for a few years now.  it started off with the bath bombs, then i graduated to shower gel and shampoo.  i moved into an apartment that didn’t have a bathtub for 2 years, so i fell off of the bath bomb circuit.  that’s when i started trying out different things.  i fell in love with twilight shower gel back in 2011/2012.  i remember that was the first bath bomb that i had purchased (alongside the blackberry ones which are my faaaave), so i knew i’d love the shower gel.  i got ONE big bottle of the shower gel, and it lasted me for quite a while.  actually, for almost a full year.  when i went to refill it, to my dismay, they had discontinued it.

like, it had been gone for months and i had no idea.  :(

i figured i’d do what i always did when i loved a discontinued product… i looked on ebay.  unfortunately, like every other annoying discounted popular item in the world, the price was jacked up by double via the evil ebay asshole demon sellers.  i hung in there and found a smaller bottle for a little bit more than the original retail price, and i’ve used it super sparingly.

…then came flying fox almost two years ago..  which was ALWAYS in the store, so i thought i had no need to worry about it going away…  recently discontinued.

…then came rose jam last year… i fell IN LOVE with it, and even though it was limited edition, i was thinking it would come back as seasonal.  it seems to be discontinued.

i started googling about different discontinued products over the years, and it’s awfully disheartening.  so many people over time are missing their favorite scents!  sure, there are people suggesting other current LUSH products to substitute, but it’s not the same.  ie: for rose jam, ppl suggest ro’s argan body conditioner.  i’ve owned that body conditioner and i’m not sold on that as a substitute.  i left it sitting on my arms for like 5 mins straight, rinsed and the scent fades within an hour.  it’s too thin of a product, and too expensive to not use a lot.

i’m assuming maybe it’s due to high quality ingredients, that might be hard to find or are on the rare side that jacks up the price.  fair enough that you warned us that it would be limited edition… but my patience for that is caca is quite thin.  so thin, that i’m breaking up with them.

sorry boo, strike 3… you’re out.

as much as some of the bath bombs are the most delicious things i’ve ever smelled, i’d rather support an indie etsy curator.  i shall search for dupes instead, and will break up with LUSH.  it’s been a good run…  bye felicia.

busy lady

September 8th, 2015 @ 5:12 pm

hey folks, i’m sorry i’ve been slacking in the posts department!  i’ve been busy, overheated and lazy (NYC summers are disgusting and draining), and lastly: my lil computer keeps overheating (RIP? – don’t worry, i purchased replacement parts!). i’ll try to post more, but as a friendly PSA:

september is a busy month for me! i want to be out and about bc of the lovely weather (once it finally cools down), and it’s also my birth month.  even though i could give a rats ass about my bday, the people around me seem to do things to make me happy (thanks, guys!)… which means i’m usually busy.  i have two concerts coming up, and i’m really trying to hike and travel these next few months, so i might be missing in action… if you want to get in touch about any orders or custom/future orders, you can email me.

there probbbbbbably won’t be any new jewelry this or next month.  for now, you can check out what autumn stuff i do have in stock here, or use the search form under the shop categories, using words like “autumn”, “halloween”, “spooky”, “skull”, etc. :)

i also am not sure if i’m doing a holiday pop-up shop this year *SOBS !!!*, so i will probably make sale bundles again this year for ya’s.

thank you again for your ongoing support, kiddos!


flea & food overview

August 24th, 2015 @ 4:42 pm

vending your handmade goods in markets and pop-up shops are always trial and error, and totally hit or miss.  part of being a vendor is dealing with buyer “rejection” (obviously nothing we go home and cry about), and peoples lack of etiquette when browsing.

this past weekend, i sold with 3 people from our ladies love project collective, and between the 4 of us, i just realized how unknowingly “rude” people are.  well, maybe rude isn’t the word – it’s not like they’re not cursing, hissing, scoffing or anything bad at us… i don’t mean it that way.  it’s just the ignored greetings/smiles, potential customers touching EVERYTHING and not buying anything, the complaints about prices, etc. that’s i’m talking about.  you ended up going to a place where you knew there would be handmade items, it’s hard to believe that people aren’t treating them that way.

i don’t mean that in a defensive way (i’m a virgo, i just love explaining things and hearing myself speak, lol), i just know when i’m going to a market/event like this, that people put TLC into their handmade items.  it’s not something manufactured and in higher numbers, like a chain store.  that’s kind of the point of these types of events.

we’re supposed to be outgoing and pitching our goods, but sometimes people aren’t receptive to us.  sometimes they’re not even giving us back some common courtesy of a “hello” or a smile back, it’s truly a tiring/deflating feeling.

it makes it hard to approach people, but it helps us realize we can’t approach everyone in the same way, either.

you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

just because you’re great at creating your product and you’re selling it yourself, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to sell fire to eskimos.  i get that it’s hard to convince people they need or even want my jewelry, so i don’t really bother.  i know i wouldn’t be talked into something i wasn’t interested in, so i usually just let people look before saying anything aside from “hello”.  when i browse/purchase things at such places, i don’t want to have small talk until i am about 70% sure i’m going to purchase something.

the point of this post (aside from lightly venting) was that if you’re reading this and you’re a buyer at an independent market or a pop-up shop, please keep in mind that when we are selling at those events, that we’re there for HOURS.  just say hi or smile (it does a world of a difference), don’t haggle or criticize people that have handmade items – TLC went into them…  save that for the vintage item sellers.  if you want something modified, ask about it!  we’re usually pretty flexible about custom orders and (obviously) we desire new customers…

it’s hard when you have a full day of sitting around, talking, smiling, paying attention, etc. (sometimes in uncomfortable weather conditions or social situations) is draining.  sometimes you’re shy and you don’t know the people selling around you, or maybe you don’t have anyone with you.  it’s not as easy as it seems…

this saturday!!!1

August 18th, 2015 @ 11:26 am

we have a last minute ladies love project pop-up shop at the LIC flea and food!!!  if you’re in NYC, come to queens to see me!  it’s from 12-8PM and easy to get to, since it’s in such a convenient spot!

i’ll have new autumn stuff with me, and pop-up/market sale prices as usual, so come through!