creative tsunami

February 1st, 2016 @ 12:18 pm


…and a completely new section!

ladyluck-drops-detail-600x450 full mini_wu_repeat-600x450 november_main-600x450 scecilia_main-600x450 serpent_dangle_main-600x450 spaceage_on-1-600x450 violette_main-600x450 choose_your_wu-600x450 blair_withearrings

my best creative works always come from when i’m the most stressed out.  when i lost my job of 5 years a few years back, i consoled myself by starting up #JAEJESS.  i got lost in making dreamcatcher earrings for hours and days.  when my ex and i broke up, that’s when i started making stretch rings… since it takes me about 10-20 seconds to make one ring, you can only imagine how many i ended up with in the inventory.  since last year, i had been dealing with BEYOND noisy upstairs neighbors, with two little (chubby) running rugrats that completely drained my creative energy.  in every room, all day long.  it was beyond infuriating…  i caught bronchitis and i managed to fracture one of my canine teeth in a freak accident in the same week. however, all of those (and then some) negative vibes threw me into a creative wave, which then turned into a tsunami.  so… thanks?

my boyfriend and i moved to the top floor of our building, and moving apartments definitely helped as well.  everything is falling into a nice place again. :)

i made my coworker a dreamcatcher for her new baby’s nursery a couple of weeks ago and then that turned into revamping all of the old ones that i had made, then some new ones (that also double as earring holders), and then some perler keychains.  then i dug through all of my old personal jewelry, and started upcycling things, which lead to new dangle earrings (i need to add all of them).  i also redid most of the wutang earrings, and i created a new colorway for wutang hoops.  lastly, i had ONE idea for an eyeglass chain, and it turned into a bunch.  that’s my newest shop section, and new stuff is coming for the next week or two, so long as this creativity keeps flowing.

…stella got her groove back.

happy heart day!

January 29th, 2016 @ 7:56 pm


i am totally not into valentine’s day for any other reason other than it being an excuse to, and having a plethora of available heart-shaped items for purchasing.  i have no idea what the fascination is with heart shaped stuff, it’s just my favorite shape!

anyways, kitschy shit is my shit… so i figure this was a cute idea.  i bought a lot of these little heart capsules, and i plan on sending one to anyone that spends $14 or more by 02/05/2016.  there will be two free rings and a couple of fuzzy sweetheart heart stickers inside!!!1

happy early valentine’s day, if you’re into that sorta thang… from my heart(s) to yours. ♥

if you would like specific rings, you can leave them in the PayPal notes… if you don’t, i’ll just pick some cute ones themed to whatever your purchase is.

thank you, bowie.

January 11th, 2016 @ 11:06 am

i woke up to a text from my sister this morning stating that david bowie died. my first thought: put on “modern love”.  so i did, and sat there crying in bed, with my cat staring at me like i was a total weirdo.

one of my earliest memories, was being in my room and playing tinker toys by myself one afternoon (do those even still exist?!  god, i’m old.).  my mother gave me “let’s dance” on cassette tape, with a radio, and left me to play.  i don’t remember how many times i played it, i couldn’t tell you… but i remember when she did that, and that i absolutely loved that album, and most especially “modern love”. that was my JAMMMM. in fact, it still is and gets regularly rotated into my weekly handpicked playlist.  that song gives me nothing but smiles.

growing up with my mother, i basically absorbed all music that she listened to – which was always good… and bowie was one of those artists.  i can’t thank her enough for her taste in music back in the day.  it set a foundation for me, beyond just great music, but also creativity.  there are so many artists that i can apply to that also, but the focus today is bowie.  he was always a strange one, did what he wanted to.  he didn’t care if it was acceptable or not.  he enjoyed doing it, and was proud of his works.  obviously i’m not on any level comparable to bowie with this lil company that i keep going… but i will say that he truly inspires me to just do what i love.

sometimes i wonder to myself, as to why i keep doing this whole #JAEJESS thing… it’s only a profitable hobby for me, i don’t think i’m going to be the next big jewelry designer, nor am i trying to be.  then i remember that hey, i simply enjoy doing this.  i enjoy making this jewelry, i love wearing the jewelry i make, i love that other people love wearing my jewelry, i (obviously) like that people keep buying my jewelry, and that makes me so happy.

there are actually people that love wearing what i make, walking around out there in the world.  that is so trippy to me.  i’ve even received random texts from friends over the years that they’ve seen people wearing my earrings on the street… how cool is that?
that is what keeps this going.

i only started doing it as a therapeutic thing, and three years later, it blew up into this… and i couldn’t be happier.  so to my followers/customers: thank you again, always. ♥

i recently redid the about page of this website, and i had worded it basically the same way that this DB quote goes:
“i don’t know where i’m going from here, but i promise it won’t be boring.”

modern-love rebel-rebel1

thank you, david robert jones, you sexy weirdo.


January 6th, 2016 @ 4:08 pm

my boyfriend and i binge watched this show last week, and you need to also (if you’re into that raunchy cartoons type of show, which we are — think family guyish with bojacky vibes and lots of cursing).

it’s about a family in the 70’s… a dad with no patience (who works for an airline), a bored homemaker wife, and their three kids (a rocker slacker, a daughter that’s always unknowingly getting herself into trouble, and a wussy son).  it’s your average, day to day american life struggle stories, but obviously hilarious…



untz untz untz

December 31st, 2015 @ 11:28 am

YouTube Preview Image

on repeat!!!1

also heavily eargesting this week:

  • st. lucia – elevate
  • st. lucia – dancing on glass
  • st. lucia – closer than this
  • marilyn manson – deep six
  • chvrches – leave a trace
  • talk talk – it’s my life
  • pet shop boys – what have i done to deserve this?
  • INXS – don’t change
  • the cure – the walk
  • the sounds – like a lady
  • sky ferreira – you’re not the one
  • no doubt – waiting room

in case you’re musically bored or uninspired… check em out.


December 29th, 2015 @ 11:57 am

i’m assuming since this brand started, that the majority of our customers/blog readers are around the same age as jae and i… so the demographic is ~mid/late 20’s, early 30’s, so i imagine that y’all can relate to what i’m about to chat about.

as a 34 year old, i find myself often reminiscing about the “better days” of the 90’s.  back when we were on the precipice of “the future” (flying cars, penny’s watch she talks to brain with, hoverboards that actually hover, etc.), but we still had a good enough balance of “stuck in the past” type of days.

instead of the flying cars and jetsons life, we had cordless phones and answering machines, AOL/AIM days, sony mini disc players seemed impressive, clunky digital cameras with hard discs vs sd cards or using USB or clouds or your phone, etc..

they were the times when our attention spans were still in tact, because we didn’t have the internet in the palm of our hands…  only us web nerds that put in the effort had stuff like moblog (almost like instagram/twitpic) before it existed (and yet i still managed to still have an amazing social life outside of using those things on a daily basis…).

this convo started because my sister and i were texting about the 90’s last night (she’s in the middle of watching this), and we went back and forth about why they were such good times.  i dipped into sadness thinking about the simplicity of those times this morning, when i was having a chat with my coworker.  we were talking about movies back then, and then it snowballed into the aforementioned stuff at the beginning of this post.  he said “god, we sound old” and it made me think about how much adulting in general sucks.

last night, my boyfriend and i went to home depot to get our new living room/our two bedrooms quoted at $1k for carpeting/installation, and all i could picture in my brain when the woman looked at me with the “weeeeeeeee! i’m going to make a sale” eyes was this:


that face, and nothing else.

of course we can just put it on one of our credit cards and pay it off in a couple of payments… but…  yo. why is carpeting so fucking expensive?

and when did i hit a time in my life where i had to purchase carpeting? ew!


thank youuuuuu!

December 28th, 2015 @ 10:43 am

thank you for another awesome year of #JAEJESS‘ing :)

this year held TWO ladies love project pop-up shops, we were at the LIC flea, and i dabbled in a new ways to create existing products even better.  there was personal (company) growth and we met a lot of new faces this year…  it was a good one!

thank you all for your continuing support, coming to visit when #JAEJESS is setup to sell in real life, and for all of your holiday orders.  they always help this lil company continue on…  my rad customers are a constant inspiration, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  :)

hopefully there’s even better stuff on the way in 2016!
– JESS // xoxo


December 22nd, 2015 @ 4:15 pm

eggnog is (still) fucking disgusting…

2016 NOPE’s

December 21st, 2015 @ 4:42 pm

some trivial words/terms/things i’d like to cease or i’d fancy falling off of the face of the earth, before the upcoming year begins:

  • adult onesies
  • the terms “squad” and “squad goals”
  • swifty(‘s)
  • anything about adele
  • the word “fleek” or the term “on fleek”
  • miley cyrus. anything miley cyrus.
  • the word “hairspo” or “inspo” or (anything)spo
  • rainbow hair, mermaid hair, glitter hair, glitter pits, galaxy hair, dyed pits, beards with anything in them, beards in general, dyed hair being a “THING”
  • selfies especially labeled #celfie, selfies
  • instagram posts containing written words (mainly quotes)
  • instagram posts featuring crossfit videos (no one cares but fellow crossfitters)
  • anything about blake shelton and his baffling/out-of-his-league romance with gwen
  • drake. anything about drake. he is always only jimmy… you just stop that.
  • wednesday addams being every basic bitch’s spirit animal
  • the word “fun” being used as an adjective
  • anything re: breastfeeding in public
  • girls that don’t listen to real metal or rock, throwing the metal sign in pictures (my chemical romance and papa roach fans, please go that way ->)
  • people that put up their middle fingers in pictures. WHAT in the actual fuck (literally)?
  • people saying “tatted” and “inked” :: cringe ::

true life: i’m being cyberstalked

December 15th, 2015 @ 1:54 pm

i’ve been blogging since the 90’s, and i’m not saying that i do it WELL… i certainly don’t think i could ever do it as a job, but i do feel comfortable/natural doing it, and sort of experienced.  i can’t bring myself to troll anyone, so i would probably be really bad at it.  however, it’s just something i’ve always done, and now i’m not.

i try to blog here to keep you lovies entertained, but like most blogs, you’re all plagued by a mild case of “nervous idontcommentitis”.  as a blogger, it’s sometimes deflating for us, because we can see that we get visitors, but we can’t engage them.  we want to chat with you.  it’s not like you need a full paragraph, just leave a lil note behind (plz reference: this article from an established print mag/webblog that celebrities fancied and that we all miss so much – you’re killing people’s vibes, guys!).  at any rate, it honestly makes me want to post less.  i do just try to post anyway, and i don’t have themes or a schedule – if something pops up into my colourful little scatterbrain, i try to post about it here.  i try to keep this more upbeat than personal, but something personal in fact did happen that is reflecting on my posting here.

recently i’ve been super blocked (creatively) lately for a few reasons.

a) i was sick with bronchitis throughout the month of october
b) i broke one of my fang teeth in a RIDICULOUS accident, and i had to have a root canal done that ate up 2 weeks of my sanity, and my wallet
c) my poor home computer kicked the bucket – and because of my toof, i couldn’t replace it right away – and i tend not to blog from work
d) i stopped blogging at my actual/personal website because of an insane cyberstalker (did you know that it’s illegal in NY?! i bet she they don’t!)
e) i made my instagram private because of said cyberstalker, which is bad for my jewelry, since i don’t use the dedicated one for #JAEJESS

read the full post .-➜

luxury fail…

December 15th, 2015 @ 11:36 am

i was just daydreaming and thinking to myself, that if i ever won the lottery, i’d be the worst rich girl.  i have so many weird expensive things on my mental wishlist…  and by “expensive”, i mean like a jacket for over $300, lol.  i always eyeball j crew jackets, for example, and i never buy them.  i just can’t find it in my heart to spend that much on a jacket that i can’t use all winter.  i’ve also been meaning to buy myself a new pair of hunter boots for the last 4 years…  they’re less than $200!  that type of weird/expensive.

i wouldn’t buy myself haute couture if i ever did win the lotto…  so what WOULD i spend my money on (aside from helping my family, certain friends and fixing my immediate bullshit stuff ie: bills, my housing situation, improving my teeth, and pampering myself for 24 straight hours)?


dream//shoes: sophia websterrrrrr, jeffrey campbell (nothing spiked, no lita’s, none of those frankenstein looking wedge platform things, either), ash sneakers, ALL OF THE TOMS!!!1

dream//jewelry: casual/everyday anna sheffield purchases, paloma picasso (for tiffany’s) sugar stacks like it aint no thang (yes, THAT picasso), rachel pfeffer, noir rangs

dream//bags: furla candy bags on the reg, mz wallace, valentino shopper totes, bao bao issey miyake in every damn colour scheme/finish, edie parker out the wazoo

dream//clothing: too many to name.


i could go on and on… but i basically wanted to shell out exactly what i’d be as a rich stu…
basically, a glorified pile of ritzy, rainbow, tomboy, raver puke.

i’d be doing it wrong…
(or i’d be doing it right, since it’d be making me completely happy…)


December 2nd, 2015 @ 2:55 pm

i’ve added a bunch of new thangs to the shop this week, including a bunch of cute new holiday items!!!  i’ve also added some sale stuff, and i’ll have other sales coming up as well…

whether you’re buying some cute stuff to accessories with for your office ugly sweater party, or looking to stuff a stocking, you can do it inexpensively here…  :)

happy holidays, everyone! :)


dreamcatcher earrings - christmas wreath jingle-bell-rings-zoom happy-reindeer-main xmas-lights-zoom xmas-pins-zoom xmas-drop-earrings-zoom snowflake-rings pills-zoom rosette-on-hand

¡el toro!

November 19th, 2015 @ 10:50 am

i came across the betches a few months ago, and i forgot to link them and completely forgot about their site.  my scatterbrain really sucks sometimes…  anyways, i rediscovered them again yesterday, and i got to browsin’ and readin’. i came across this article about septum piercings and felt inspired to post about le subject…

the article made me laugh, and my first thought as someone that’s had a septum piercing for like, 10 years… was that i flick under my chin at these fashun bastards that wear it as a * trend *.

OKAY, SO…  i know that septum piercings started as a tribal/society status thing, so technically it’s cultural appropriation (i’m a total hypocrite bc i fucking LOATHE subculture appropriation).  however, for my subculture, it’s just always just been a punk thing (the first line of this article pretty much just sums it up).  septum piercings are something either your face can just pull off or you really just can’t.  there are plenty of norms that can pull it off and look good, but if you’re not into the subculture and your style doesn’t fit it, i feel like it just looks stupid.  that was probably a super obv. statement, but i see thugged out girls on the train with them all the time and i’m just like “WHY?!”… it makes no sense, there’s no style flow.  it’s just as bad as the fashun people (we can all thank givenchy for that bullshit – awful).

givenchy givenchy-1 givenchy-2

read the full post .-➜

xmas time is coming!

November 11th, 2015 @ 2:42 pm

i hate to be the premature christmas/holiday nut…  but i strolled into starbucks this morning and they were playing the peanuts song “christmas time is here”, and it catapulted me right into the xmas mood (as well as creepily huffing the annually purchased frasier fir candle that entered my life this past saturday… lol).

truth be told, there’s just something about the peanuts in general that just makes me fuzzy, though.  my boyfriend plays the theme song to calm me down, and it’s his ringtone for me in his phone, lol.  it just takes me back to being a kid, i guess.

just a heads up – i’ll have the xmas bundles and other sales ready, starting for the last week of november.  i’m going to make some new ones this year as well as keep what i had last year, since people seemed to like the pairings.

i’ve also added new earrings and rings in the last two weeks (and there will be new stuff added through this month), so go SHOP!!!

too, toofly!

November 11th, 2015 @ 10:37 am

my job launched a new website recently that’s latina focused, so of course i wanted to let them know about maria (HELLOoOoOoOo, does ladies love project ring a bell???)!!!  and i’m glad to see that they featured her on their site! :)

read the article here, and click here to read more about maria’s latest endeavor – warmi paint here. ♥


hoops on hoops on hoops!

October 22nd, 2015 @ 3:20 pm

i know i push my dreamcatcher earrings more than any other type of earrings that i have in the shop…  they’re just so different and funky and rad…  but i must say, i do also really adore my webless jammies.  they get a lot of love from the gals, and i make them less often than i should.


i’m going to make a bunch for the holiday season.  i usually throw 2/3 colours together when i make them… so the possibilities are endless.  if you’d like to have a custom order made, contact me!