flea & food overview

August 24th, 2015

vending your handmade goods in markets and pop-up shops are always trial and error, and totally hit or miss.  part of being a vendor is dealing with buyer “rejection” (obviously nothing we go home and cry about), and peoples lack of etiquette when browsing.

this past weekend, i sold with 3 people from our ladies love project collective, and between the 4 of us, i just realized how unknowingly “rude” people are.  well, maybe rude isn’t the word – it’s not like they’re not cursing, hissing, scoffing or anything bad at us… i don’t mean it that way.  it’s just the ignored greetings/smiles, potential customers touching EVERYTHING and not buying anything, the complaints about prices, etc. that’s i’m talking about.  you ended up going to a place where you knew there would be handmade items, it’s hard to believe that people aren’t treating them that way.

i don’t mean that in a defensive way (i’m a virgo, i just love explaining things and hearing myself speak, lol), i just know when i’m going to a market/event like this, that people put TLC into their handmade items.  it’s not something manufactured and in higher numbers, like a chain store.  that’s kind of the point of these types of events.

we’re supposed to be outgoing and pitching our goods, but sometimes people aren’t receptive to us.  sometimes they’re not even giving us back some common courtesy of a “hello” or a smile back, it’s truly a tiring/deflating feeling.

it makes it hard to approach people, but it helps us realize we can’t approach everyone in the same way, either.

you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

just because you’re great at creating your product and you’re selling it yourself, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to sell fire to eskimos.  i get that it’s hard to convince people they need or even want my jewelry, so i don’t really bother.  i know i wouldn’t be talked into something i wasn’t interested in, so i usually just let people look before saying anything aside from “hello”.  when i browse/purchase things at such places, i don’t want to have small talk until i am about 70% sure i’m going to purchase something.

the point of this post (aside from lightly venting) was that if you’re reading this and you’re a buyer at an independent market or a pop-up shop, please keep in mind that when we are selling at those events, that we’re there for HOURS.  just say hi or smile (it does a world of a difference), don’t haggle or criticize people that have handmade items – TLC went into them…  save that for the vintage item sellers.  if you want something modified, ask about it!  we’re usually pretty flexible about custom orders and (obviously) we desire new customers…

it’s hard when you have a full day of sitting around, talking, smiling, paying attention, etc. (sometimes in uncomfortable weather conditions or social situations) is draining.  sometimes you’re shy and you don’t know the people selling around you, or maybe you don’t have anyone with you.  it’s not as easy as it seems…

this saturday!!!1

August 18th, 2015

we have a last minute ladies love project pop-up shop at the LIC flea and food!!!  if you’re in NYC, come to queens to see me!  it’s from 12-8PM and easy to get to, since it’s in such a convenient spot!

i’ll have new autumn stuff with me, and pop-up/market sale prices as usual, so come through!


and in DUH news…

August 4th, 2015

NOT THAT IT’S ANY OF MY BUSINESS (other than they’re in the public eye, and i’m a big fan of the both of them), but aside from creating beautiful children, what a complete and sad waste of time.  gwen has sung about red flags and whined about gavin since the year 2000.

i keep reading online from other fans that they’re “shocked”, it’s “so sudden” and “true love doesn’t exist”, etc. (my favorite is “the voice” curse…), and i’m just like… really?  i called this years ago.  have you seriously not been listening to her music about him for the last 15 years? pull your heads out of your butts!  i feel like as a true gwen or a no doubt fan, you shouldn’t be surprised by this AT ALL (in other news, apparently no bloggers or mostly anyone in the media is a fan AT ALL).


every night, i will now say a little prayer that tony kanal will be getting divorced soon as well (jk, but not really, but jk – he’s got kids now…), and they get back together.  that way, all will be right in the universe.


also: only amazing music will come from this. i am beyond ecstatic about that, even though i’m sad for her pain.

hopefully next time, she won’t make the same mistakes that she did with gavin.  less patience for LARGE issues, more confidence ALWAYS.  being a celebrity means she’s a role model for gals whether she likes it or not, and putting up with crap like that isn’t a positive thing.

queens, ny…

August 3rd, 2015

a few months back, i posted (and shortly thereafter, deleted) about not having a community of like-designers in NYC.  i prefer selling my jewelry in real life, rather than marketing myself online… i really don’t have the free time for trying to promote online anymore.  sure, i use my hashtag on instagram and i make good sales that way (sometimes)…  but i’d love to have an option of doing a market a few times a year.  stable sales and building a following, while helping other vendors is what i’m looking to do.

i LOVE ladies love project, it’s my first choice market.  i have known all those folks since before i even sold my jewelry there…  but they’re not doing a holiday market anymore, and that’s going to suck for moi.  i want to do something about it…

i have so much energy i want to put into throwing my own market with people like me… people that do this as a lucrative hobby, people that want to band together and help each other out to get themselves sales.  a loyal community that works together to support each other, while also having a great time…

i used to sell in a queens market that was run by people that weren’t even from queens.  that isn’t what i’m looking for…

i want some great natives that want exposure, but don’t want the use of the word “artisan” to describe or draw in the crowd.

i want a market that isn’t $150-200 for a table per day (lol, wat?).

i want a market where you don’t need a vendor’s license (the big ones require it sometimes, and do you even know how hard it is to obtain one?).


i’ve been curating a list of vendors that i want to approach, and i have friends that also make/sell things that i’ll approach as well.  additionally, i’m hoping that this post will reach other queens, NY vendors via SEO (if you’re from the 5 boroughs, but not queens – i won’t discriminate, contact me).  i just think doing something in queens would be easier closer to home, rather than dragging your goods all over the city (although i’m not opposed to finding a spot elsewhere).

it’s all baby steps… but i think it could really be a positive thing for us creators.

with all of that being said… *calling all queens, NY indie: jewelry/accessories designers, knitting folks, sewing professionals, stationary/card people, t-shirt designers, zine people, canvas painters, resin pros, poster printers, pillow makers, video game nerdy crafters, home decor designers, etsy sellers, big cartel folk, flea market and craft fair regulars, pop-up shop vendors, anything handmade, etc.

if you’re interested, please hit me up, i’d love to chat about it.

dance of the dope pumpkins?

July 31st, 2015

i’m going to see smashing pumpkins and marilyn manson at jones beach tonight.

this is a very fucking strange combo of bands, that i’ve never been able to see before…  so jess from 1994 is very excited, and jess from 1999 is also very excited.

let’s do the time warp again!

return of the saucony’s?!

July 30th, 2015

back in may, one of my bff’s from the west coast came to stay with me.  while she was here, she did a little shopping and got herself a pair of saucony shadows. when she bought them, i was shocked that she had purchased a pair, and that they even still existed. i thought it was kind of funny, because jazz’s are usually the popular saucony choice… and for a long while, saucony didn’t really even pay much mind to the shadows.  in fact, i purchased a pair (black/hot pink) many moons ago, and i hated that they didn’t come in many other colorways.  i always had a super crush on the floorlords, but of course, they were impossible to get.  i did however, keep collecting tons of the jazz’s…  colorways that they’ve retired, limited edition, etc. // they were my raver flavour kicks…


(this is an early image of my collection, and isn’t even half of what i’ve owned over the years…:X

i definitely don’t consider myself a “sneaker head” or whatever the kids are calling themselves these days.  in fact, my boyfriend would probably laugh in my face and call my jazz collection “trash” (he’s one of those jordans people)…  but i think i have a nice bunch of shoesies, between my few nikes and all of my saucony’s.


saucony released a butt load of new shadows/shadow masters? that i was unaware of over the years, and i’m kicking myself for missing them.

here is a trio i’m definitely upset about, because i’m years too late, and now they’re not in my life. :(

extra-butter-saucony-shadow-master-space-snack ice-cream

i highly recommend saucony for comfort, as well as reebok classics.

at the beginning of the year, i had joined running club at work, AND i also just started buying nike roshe runs, and tbh… all of the above are no good for running in my opinion.  saucony jazz’s/shadows are too loose for running – i have wide feet, so they’ve always been my go-to for everyday comfort.  roshe runs don’t grip my feet on the bottom, but they fit perfectly at my usual 7.5.  if i went a size down, they’d be killing me with the tightness…

i bought nike free runs when i first started running club, and those are great.  i’m pretty sure that my boyfriend wears saucony’s actual running shoes for running, and loves them (maybe asics?).  i know he invested a lot of money in them


July 28th, 2015

it was the 20th anniversary of the movie “kids” recently (OMG… AM I REALLY THAT FUCKING OLD?)…  everyone and their mother keeps posing about it online.  the first thing that came to my mind?


when/where i watched it.


what i took from it.


ahhhhhhhhh, i miss OLD NYC!!!1 ♥ ♥ ♥

i’ve been on some old nyc kick as of recently… i miss it so much.  i mean, sure, it’s probably because i miss being a carefree teenager… but i really do just miss it.  it was gritty and real.


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midtown is fuckin’ weird.

July 21st, 2015

back in the mid 90’s, when i was a budding teenager,  i used to hang out in “the village” (that’d be the east village, although the west was sometimes ventured into as well).  i used to go to astor place, meet up with my friends at the cube and stroll around aimlessly.  okay, well not fully aimlessly… sometimes we’d stroll straight into ian’s.  if we needed body jewelry or wanted a new silver appendage, we’d go in and be greeted by the fantastically chipper guy at the counter.  he let us slide being young, so many times (thank you, good sir).

ians ians-piercing

(left: ian’s storefront photo cred/new website i LOVE ♥ nycgoth.com (RIP NYC) // right: me, getting my tongue web pierced at ian’s back in them olden days…)

anyways, when my best buds and i were 15-20, these were our stomping grounds.  around washington square park, tompkins square park, st. mark’s place, astor place, broadway, etc.  it was full of us punk rockers, ravers , metalheads and of course, the weirdos.  by weirdos, i mean the talk to yourself, strung out, drunk, pissed off human beings (sometimes doing gross stuff).  i’ve always just ignored these types.  it’s best not to try to get on their nerves.  no one likes getting spit on, snot-rocketed on (this has happened to me on the subway), sandwiches thrown at their heads (this has happened to my mother), peens waved at them, or poo thrown at them.  this is NYC… anything can happen.

as a native new yorker, i feel like there’s very little that really shocks me, especially hanging out downtown for so long.  however, when you’re in midtown, shit is just WEIRD.  not often gross, but wtf, fucking WEIRD.

everyday between 2-4PM, my coworkers and i head over to hole in the wall cafe, and then we people watch in front of our building for a few minutes.

some of the people/things we’ve encountered:

  • these gadgets (at least 3/4 different people around the same time, every day).
  • normal looking people going through our building’s outside ash tray’s.
  • people that just walk up our faces us and say nothing.
  • people walking around with their butt cracks showing (without bending over).
  • endless fashion faux pas (mainly tourists).
  • the people with the posterboard jesus signs.
  • half naked vagrants, or about to be half naked vagrants.
  • the screaming empire state building ticket people (one once wouldn’t move the fuck out of my way and then proceeded to express to me that if he didn’t have a gf, he’d propose marriage to me).

other people/things we’ve encountered:

this week, we got to witness a man facing a 5th avenue shrub with his hands in front of his body, so that it looked like he was peeing for about 10 mins straight.  he wasn’t shakin the bacon, either.  no movement aside from him looking around.  he was standing in-between the bush and the sidewalk, with about 6 inches of room in between the two.  mind you, no one witnessed this but my coworker ricardo and i.

last week, with only an additional 5th avenue bush between us, my coworker nico and i were interrupted by a woman that randomly vomited and walked away.

today, there was a car “accident” between a cab and a minivan.  the altercation ended with a “pull over” hand signal, not much english between the two very different people, and within 3 mins… problem solved with cold hard cash.

i really have to start logging all of the shit that happens on a daily basis, i feel like i’m missing stories.

true story.

July 21st, 2015

hair-tye-thrice hair-tye-baby



July 21st, 2015

warning: crafting this post really made me feel like an asshole.  a pretentious (but seriously, i’m not really)/ immature asshole.

at the age of 33, i hate that i still have to use the term *frenemies*, but i know a few ridiculous people that i try my hardest to be mature about, that are doing ridiculously immature things.  i don’t approach it because i feel like i’m going to sound like the psychopath, vs. the person who is actually doing the dumb things…

at this point in my life, i just want to rid myself of shitty people. the egos, the copy cats, the bored/miserable and unsupportive people that have nothing better to do but lurk or start problems, the style leeches, the socially awkward people, the strangely competitive people or the people that hold weird shit against me, etc. – and they make it nearly impossible.

there is no good reason/way to bring things like that up.  i seriously don’t know what to do.  how do you tell someone they’re any of the above without pissing them off, or sending them flying on the defensive?  either these people are doing horribly shitty things on purpose, or they have no idea.  it’s a disgusting gamble.  i for one, don’t like playing these games.

i’m not saying i’m a perfect person, but i rarely have a desire to argue with anyone, i don’t do shitty stuff maliciously, i am not a jealous person, i am not a competitive person, i am not a copy cat, i am not bored, i do not lurk.  if something like this comes up, just ask about it – i’ll be glad to explain my reasoning.  that makes sense vs. letting negative feelings pile up against me, instead.

i wake up every morning and i try to be inspired.  i am a creative gal.  i’m a web developer and graphic designer and a jewelry maker.  sometimes i make the occasional t-shirt.  i’d like to do as much of that as i possibly can.  i simply love what i love, whether it be music, hair colour/styles, products, scents, kitchy stuff, jewelry, sneakers, style, tv shows, etc. – i rarely ever do anything bc someone i’m friends with is into it.  i find stuff on my own.  i follow hashtags online, i search for things via google, i take one thing i like and find things related to it.  i never veer too far from my native styles…  i just twist, change and evolve them.

i don’t want to inspire anyone, i don’t know if that’s a shitty thing to say… but people RARELY inspire me.  i like being a pioneer, not a follower.

i don’t like sharing things that i love, bc i want to be the only one that has them…  probably immature, but that’s just me.

back to my point: wtf does one do or say when they have crappy people in their lives that they’ve outgrown?  people that just aren’t good for them anymore?  i don’t want to be hurtful, but i have to believe that those people know they’re doing hurtful/weird/manipulative and mildly crazy things.

give us our autumn!

July 16th, 2015

i know it’s only mid-july, but i’m already ITCHING for autumn.  i started making jewelry and buying clothing for autumn, so it’s giving me the desires.  i was also redoing old rings with the new beading method, and came across this ring and my lil hear swelled.

i know next month, michael’s is going to start releasing halloween stuff.  i think michael’s does it ahead of time for crafters, so that we have time to make/sell stuff before the actual holiday/season…  but it boosts me into loathing summer.

yeah, i’m that annoying new yorker…
counting. down. the. days.

new dreamcatcher earrings!

July 15th, 2015

beetle wing dreamcatcher earrings floral dreamcatcher earringsevil eye dreamcatcher earrings white/gold dreamcatcher earrings nautical/anchor dreamcatcher earrings neon camo dreamcatcher earrings hello kitty dreamcatcher earrings notorious biggie where brooklyn at dreamcatcher earrings bubblegum pink gold heart dreamcatcher earrings red white blue wintery dreamcatcher earrings

you can find them all listed right here.

judged at the gate…

July 13th, 2015

so i’ve flown to california with my boyfriend (who works for an airline) on two different trips in the past, even before we were dating, so i know i’m supposed to look nice when on standby.  i even asked him yesterday morning, before we were off to tampa for the day, if i looked acceptable.  he said yes, and i boarded, and i spent the day in the humid sauna that is known as tampa.

he dropped me off at the airport to go home, and after i walked through the extremely LAX security, i ended up at my gate.  once i got there, i walked up to the information desk near the gate to let the lady know i was there.  i wasn’t expecting my ticket at that point or anything, i just wanted to let her know that i was there.  some lady had beat me to it and was asking the NOT lax woman at the information desk, and she gave her an attitude, and told her to sit down and come back in 15 mins.  i then proceeded to smile and jokingly say “well, you answered my question, that’s what i was here for as well”, and she kind of smirked and i was already walking to sit down anyway.  i guess there were only a couple/few of us on standby, bc it was only about 5 mins later that she decided to call my name over the mic.  i went up and (after she said something meaningless initially) she told me that i “had to put my jacket on before boarding, or else i couldn’t fly” and kind of shrugged/smirked and tilted her head.

i honestly thought she was fucking with me.  i was like… wait, what…?

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July 9th, 2015

i don’t read too many websites each day… dlisted is my go-to, buzzfeed, i lovessssssssss hello giggles, i browse nylon (usually scoffing at how corny the trendy people that take it seriously are) and the stir (mainly because i work for it).  it’s insane how these sites just copy post after post from each other.  i don’t know who posts things first, nor do i care to do the detective work, but it kind of makes me sad. repeat news is borrrrrrrrrrrrring.


today’s irritation: seen in 3 diff places, almost the same verbiage…  posts on t.swift/calvin harris with ~ the following headline:

“this old calvin harris footage proves he always had a thing for taylor”


okay, truth be told the only reason that i know ANYTHING about t.swift is because of dlisted (♥ who always makes fun of her ♥). so when i think of her, i think of:

1. pop music – i can’t stand it.
2. she’s not unattractive, but to me, she looks like a really pretty mouse or a cat?
3. she’s really good to her fans.
4. she is not a new yorker.  don’t be silly.
5. my sister and my boyfriend (cringe) playing it in the car, and i sit there cringing and waiting for the moment the songs are over. :(
6. the clip of her doing fangggg fingerrrrrs (go home tay tay, the preds miss you).
7. backwards harness.

the first thing that i thought of when i read that headline “proves he always had a thing for taylor”:

they’re a couple of celebrity turds, who cares? shut up about them already, they’re boring. he sucks, and was def. NOT always about her (unless he was lying), and that interview/article displays it.

phew, finally!

July 9th, 2015

after MONTHS of prepping for le pop-up shop, i finally got off my lazy ass (oh wait, i was sitting in my desk chair…) and added most of it to the site!

there are rings and bracelets, and even new earrings!

i finally built myself a light box, so the pictures even look fantastic…  it breathes new #JAEJESS air into me. ♥ ♥ ♥

check out all of the new stuff here:)

andrew w.HOT // AMIRITE?

July 8th, 2015

the first thing i ever remember about andrew wk was him wearing all white on mtv hosting SOMETHING (??? – i was doing questionable things back then, fuzzy memory #mdma), and smashing his head while introducing or talking about a band/video.  it was like the heavens opened and god sent me some wacky rocker weirdo that i could relate to, and i found him hot for whatever reason.  sure, he looked like he was a sloppy milk man/ice cream dude without the hat… but i dug it (plus, he has a widow’s peak.  #weakintheknees).

i saw some tweet this morning about him that rekindled my lust a bit, so i was thinking to myself… “he still looks sloppy as hell, but i’d still hit it.” and then i thought “if he had one of those hipster douchey dapper cuts, he’d prob be SUPER hot”…  so i googled.

andrew wk young was an option to browse, and holy hell.


please browse this article. #fansself