December 11th, 2014

i was wondering if anyone has or could recommend some good urban/fashion blogs THAT ARE MORE THAN JUST PEOPLE ENTIRELY POSTING PICTURES (tumblr’s/actual websites/zines/etc)!  it’s been so long since the days of missbehave mag, and we’re dyin’ here!!!  i’ve found some great blogs over the years, but they’re all dying out!  everyone is just too busy, uninspired, broke, over it (?), etc…  i miss back in 05-08 when websites and online mags were thriving, and creativity was pouring.  there were so many chicas dabbling in graphic design and applying their fun lives to it.

i feel like everyone has become so web-lazy, that all they do is report to instagram and facebook now.  i get that marketing is rough, and that’s a default audience, but it’s still not a dedicated website.  it’s pretty sad that so many people have been so lazy, that their twitter feeds have solely become a ghost town of links to their fb or instagram posts (cut that shit out, people).  maybe this is just because i’ve perused so many blogs even back in the days of the 90’s that i feel this way.  maybe a lot of people didn’t go through rad websites, so they don’t know what they were missing…  who knows?

ANYWAYS.  i’ve got some gems in the sidebar here on the right, otherwise HALLLLLLLLP!  i need some new content to peruse!

i wanna see: COLOURS, fun jewelry, graff, fashion, GOOD music, events, places to chill, art, inspiring people, people who help people, movies, ghost stories, sneakers, tattoos, cult classics, photography, hair, hot guys, hot girls, sex, embarrassing stories, CHILL AS FUCK/FUN STUFF – – – etc. – – – i would rather have femme-based, but i’ll settle on anything glorious, fo sho!

anybody have anything good???

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holiday bundles!

December 1st, 2014


hey everyone! i’ve added new holiday bundles to the site so that you can save a few dollars during the holidays!!!

there are exclusive rings that come along with the earrings as well. just a little holiday bonus :)

there are webless hoops and dreamcatcher earrings and wu-tang pin earrings, etc… so check it out!


October 20th, 2014

sadly, this year we won’t be participating in any pop-up shops or markets (that i know of)… so i’ll solely be concentrating on hooking you guys up via website/instagram – – – stay tuned by following us on instagram:
[jae] [jess] !!!

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ooooh la la!

October 16th, 2014


i’ve added the remaining ??? MYSTERY RINGS ??? to the site that i had featured at the last pop-up shop. there are yellow, purple and blue bottomed capsules that each contain 5 rings ($5 each capsule). the colours sort of match in each one, while still being random. there are all different kinds of rings inside of each of them!

there are fun ones, pretty ones, foody ones, spikes, gem rings, etc.

thank ya’s!

June 8th, 2014

thanks to everyone that came out to ladies love project!  i had a blast as usual, despite the drizzles and minor downpour in the middle of the day (yes, that IS me underneath my table, lol).

(thank you samantha for some of these pictures<3, and thanks jes for coming to help<3)

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LLP #3 and #7

April 11th, 2014


we’re very excited to be a part of the 7th LLP pop-up shop. this is number 3 for #JAEJESS (#5 for me via TLNYC), and we couldn’t be more excited to be be a part of it, anddd selling OUTSIDE. we’re going to be in a great location on the bowery, and at an amazing time of the year.

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LLP #3

March 27th, 2014

PSA: SAVE THE DATE // may 31st!


it’s about that time again everybody… more info to come soon, but we’re participating in the ladies love project’s spring pop-up shop this year… pencil us in!!!

it’s going to be outdoors, and filled with fabulous things/people/food/music!

hand candy!

January 16th, 2014

so this past autumn, i went into crazy creative mode and made a zillion stretch rings…  i wanted to debut them at the ladies love project before putting them on the website, and they were a hit :)

sooooo FYI:

there is now a hand candy section in the jess shop!

there are 2 for $5 deals and cheap sets of more than 2, so go check em out!  there are some rings that aren’t in the hand candy section, so you have to go through the other sections to find ‘em.



November 21st, 2013


thank you so much to everyone who came out to see/meet us last saturday!  we will have new product up in the shops soon!  if you would like anything that you saw at our table that isn’t on the website yet, let us know!




November 14th, 2013

THIS SATURDAY!!! 184 Eldrige St on the LES // 12PM-8PM // COME THROUGH!!!!!!!! :)


it’s the final countdown!

November 14th, 2013


so this saturday is the ladies love project holiday pop-up shop!!! :D

here is a sneak preview (if you don’t follow jae and i on instagram) of what we’re going to be featuring that are new pieces! we’ll also be having special prices you can’t grab from the site — and products you can’t buy on the website yet also, so swing through!

gems rangs spikes fancy wu-pins-no-text set-no-text

the pop-up shop is filled with talented indie brands and we’ll also have great food/entertainment! :) if you’re in NYC, try to swing by!!! (INFO BELOW!!!)

new thangs! bracelets and rangs!

October 16th, 2013


i’ve broken out of a creative rut and went nuts with perler beads/charms!  i started recreating a bracelet i made in my raver days and just kept going…  i started making stretch rings like a mad woman!  poke around my shop and check out all the new stuff!

with the holidays coming up, you know that we’ve been prepping for the ladies love project…  with that on the horizon, the inventory has shot up a whole bunch.  i’ll have some good sales going on soon…  keep your eyes peeled!  and please save the date for LLP!