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February 27th, 2015

i see white/gold.

unless you’re living under a rock, you know exactly what i’m talking about

i hope my eyesight isn’t fucked, because i do graphic design and web development for a living!!!


what colorway do you see???

parental control

February 26th, 2015

with me being on this massive 90’s kick, i decided to go MTV show hunting and stumbled across this show i used to LOVE back in the day…

» parental control «


basically, parents hated their kid’s boyfriend or girlfriend and in turn, set them up with other people they thought they’d be better off with.  mom chose one person, dad chose another.  at the end of the show, they’d have to either stay with their current bf/gf or go with who their parents chose.  shit was pure evil.

you can watch all of the episodes @ mtv.com by clicking here (then choose the “full episodes” tab at the top).

do you also REALLY miss old MTV?

chivalry is sexist?

February 26th, 2015

my (male) coworker just i.m.’d me about a situation he went through on the subway this morning. he’s thinking that some lady standing in front of him took his picture, claims not to understand why she would, and is assuming that she posted it somewhere online.

here was his story:

“there was this lady standing in front of me, and I mean IN FRONT. she was getting up in my space, but she wasn’t pregnant, she wasn’t feebly old, she was perfectly capable of standing, she didn’t ask me to give up my seat… PS: there was a seat right next to me. empty.

she randomly takes out her phone and holds it out semi in front of me and I hear “click”. you know – the shutter noise. and then she closes her phone and puts it in her purse. by the way, you’re not suppose to be asked for certain people. old people, yeah, give up your seat… pregnant women, yes… [otherwise] nope.”

i don’t understand the story re: the empty seat next to him…  either way, my replies included chivalry and manners, and they got shot down, instantly.

he then responded with:
“that’s sexist. men have just as much right to sit down.”

read the full post .-➜

aaaaaaaaand BOOM! she’s down.

February 26th, 2015

yo, i love madonna.  i mean, i haven’t listened to anything since her “ray of light” days… but you know.  80’s and 90’s madge is my shit!

as much as i love her, my evil ass can not pass up a good celebrity fall video (can any of us, really?).  it adds humility to celebs, even the queen of pop.

YouTube Preview Image

I KNOW, i’m horrible…  but it just looks so damn staged.  i think what really gets me, are the bull/man/demon (whatever) dancer thingies around her are all looking at her like *GASP* but do nothing.

i bet you lady gaga rigged it, muwahahahahaha(jk)hahahahaha.


February 25th, 2015

in the shop: new rings for spring!  gorgeous oversized floral cocktail ring and a deep purple diamond shaped gem.

new earrings are coming soon, stay tuned! :)

floral purple-diamond-detail-600x450

my 90’s

February 20th, 2015


YO!  i found some rad buzzfeed author today that had tons of old delia’s stuff in a typical BF list, and clicking around in the credits, i found missjille’s flickr account.  she has albums of scanned delia’s/alloy catalogs from the 90’s, which i totally remember because i had them and browsed them countlessly for hours/days/months.  i used to mark basically the entire catalog, and barely ever got anything.  my mom used to take me to the delia’s store at tanger outlets sometimes…  then i’d score (outdated) delia’s gold.

finding them made me super duper depressed and made me so happy at the same time.  i also got super inspired (which is always a good thing, seeing as that i’m a creative person).

it made me miss the 90’s SO HARD.  i can’t stand when i get all depressed that those days are gone.  yes, the styles were horribly tacky…  but we were all coming of age then.  genres were just beginning, fashion was fun, technology didn’t rule the world…  i’m glad i got to experience that (while sitting in my clear/blow up chair in my bedroom that was covered in collages of gavin rossdale cut up via hit parader, whilst listening to my empire records soundtrack and chatting on my clear/cordless phone with my BFF javie).

i also get this way when i rewatch “my so called life”.  it’s so self-destructive of me…  i hope you enjoy the catalog scans as much as i did.

did you shop delia’s back in the day also???!

bye, bye unwanted tattoos!

February 19th, 2015

a student in halifax may have the answer to easily removing unwanted tattoos… with a cream.

as much as i LOVE my tattoos, sometimes i dabble in thinking of not having my chest tattoo, in particular.  i don’t regret it AT ALL, but the thought does cross my mind when i’m dressed up.  i can’t stand when other tattoo’d women get on my case about it, but sometimes i feel that it’s gaudy.  i could do the coverup makeup thing, i know… but i never do and i get over it quickly.

when i was a teenager in the 90’s, body piercing and tattoos started popping up like wildfire.  i waited a long time before i got any tattoos.  in fact, i was 26 when i got my first one.  i wanted to make sure i was getting something i wouldn’t ever want to get rid of.  once you get a tattoo, then you just keep getting them.  i can’t speak for everyone, but a lot of my friends agree, that you just don’t second guess getting more, once you’ve had one done.  i guess it’s a live and learn type of a thing.

ifffffffffffff that cream actually did work, i would probably use it on my chest piece, though.  we’ve had a good run.  just like i’ve removed many of my piercings.  if the option is there, why not?

would you use this type of a cream to remove a tattoo, if it was available to you?

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get ya life together, grrrl!

February 18th, 2015

i prepared multiple lunches for the week, so that i can afford restocking multiple LUSH bath bombs for a few weeks.


i’m 33, it’s awful that this is what i’m complaining about/doing, lol.

i gotta start making hoards of earrings and rings to afford this addiction.  i promise, new stuff is on the way for spring and summer!

what are your favorite bath bomb flavours?

i’m a blackberry (fave fave fave), twilight and sakura girl…

fucking follicles

February 5th, 2015

since i feel like only ladies really read this website, i don’t feel so bad about talking about things like… BODY HAIR.

read the full post .-➜

a.wang // carla

February 4th, 2015

oh dear god, i love these… why am i not rich?


alexander wang // SS15 // carla sneaker pump
(ooooh! i just love the black/gray/orange ♥)

human gallery

February 3rd, 2015

i love love love this

this dad gets his son’s drawings tattoo’d onto his arms for years.


this is exactly why i get tattoos, and hope the only reason why people ever get them.  no offense to the people that just pick something off of a flash sheet, but i love meaningful types of tattoos.  it’s your SKIN…  pretty vs. meaningful is very important to me, especially in the long run.  all of mine are of my favorite things, aside from any friday the 13th tattoos that i’ve collected over the years.

i could see myself doing something like this as well.  i’ve even thought of some of my graphic design coming over in this way.  it’s awesome to see that someone has actually done it.  the closest i’ve come so far, is having drawn one of my own tattoos

would you ever consider doing this?

aiwa sanity, est. 1996

February 2nd, 2015


thank you for all the work you put in, my sweet lil #aiwa stereo. you got me through my teen years, adult years, sometimes served as an alarm clock, 6 moves, countless breakup music sessions snd happy times too and duh, netflix audio for all of the TV series binges. RIP.

i moved out of my place in glendale this past weekend.  it took a lot for me to part with this sucka, but i just didn’t think i needed it anymore.  it was big and clunky, the cd tray kept getting stuck, the radio didn’t work anymore, it was really only good for audio via the computer.  in which case, i could switch over to computer speakers.

this little stereo arrived for christmas (1996) in my coming of age era, back when i was a snarky/angst teenager.  the first things i ever really played in this thing were Z100, KTU, HOT97, wu-tang, 90’s dance music, green day, STP and the empire records soundtrack.

having a stereo like this back then, was like…  a thing.  i guess today maybe for teenagers it’s an iphone or something.  back then, it was having a pager, a bedroom phone, fly kicks, a discman and these kinds of stereos.  it was almost like a rite of passage.

the following may, i met my first *real* boyfriend, who introduced me to all types of rock.  mostly punk (i will forever be grateful).  after that it was graced with deftones, rancid, no doubt, robyn, the miami vice soundtrack (lol, don’t ask), goldfinger, the michael jackson double CD, etc.

good times lil stereo, thank you.