pixel panties

July 6th, 2015


my boyfriend @’d me on a pair of these on instagram… they’re right up my alley (no pun intended)!



July 6th, 2015

ever since i turned 30, my body has changed.  my hormones, weight, cellulite, a (subtle) double chin, metabolism, periods, etc.

i find myself bloated a lot for some odd reason, and i’m not going to TMI with this post… i just randomly felt like complaining about drinking water.  i find it more of a chore than enjoyment, and really grimaced at the idea of getting more down.

it’s 12PM and i’m already 2 cups in, and FORCING myself to try for cup #3.

am i being weird or do you hate drinking water as much as i do?

rainy wknd

June 29th, 2015

the rain was a pain in the arse all weekend, since we were selling outside… but we managed to have a good turnout, and i unloaded some precious inventory, and met a lot of cool customers/people and vendors.

♥ ♥ ♥ thank you to everyone that braved the rain all weekend, and thank you as always, LLP. ♥ ♥ ♥

’til next time (shop in le shop)!!! xo

LLP #4 for #JJ

June 24th, 2015


okay… it’s that time of year again! LLP in full swing in williamsburg, brooklyn this weekend! :)

you can click the flyer above for a larger version…  jae won’t be making it because of a prior engagement, but i’ll be there with jes from toughloveNYC, along with the great peoples that make this lil market happen every year.

stop by if you like colorful, artful, fly goods, great food, great drinks, and vibes.  i’ll have a bunch of stuff that isn’t on the website yet, as well as many good deals.  i hope to see ya there! :)

ewwwwwww, srsly creepy!

June 24th, 2015


UGH, this article (via gothamist) just popped up on my twitter timeline…

this has to be one of the creepiest things i’ve ever heard of.  shit like this is the reason my mother is a neurotic nut case, that thinks everyone has the potential to want to murder her slowly.

fuck you, creepy watcher dude.




June 24th, 2015

dear @instagram,

it’s been a few years now, and you’ve still never made my very practical dreams come true.  i only want 3 measly things…

1. the option for profiles to make user activity/behavior private, vs. everything you do show up on the “following” tab.
2. the option to browse MY tags or public tags, on hashtags (flickr used to do this).
3. the archiving pictures by year/month (tumblr does this /archive style.  i’ve been using IG for almost 5 years, it’d be nice to be able to jump back to reference a picture without having to scroll endlessly).

re: request #1

some people are REALLY weird when it comes time to IG. they don’t want you to see what they’re doing, so they browse their timeline without double tapping.  isn’t the point of IG to do just that?  isn’t the point that if there are a lot of likes, pictures move up in the ranks and get featured?

now i’m not assuming that my pictures are worth more likes than how many people follow me.  i’m not looking to be on the featured page or anything…  BUTTTT the fact that my “artsy fartsy” (actual good pics) get an average of 40/50 likes, my jewelry get an average of 25/30, yet if i post my face or hair – i receive an average of almost towards 100+ likes.  all while, i have 500+ followers peeping my pictures.  THAT IS REALLY FUCKING SOCIALLY/AWKWARDLY WEIRD AND RIDICULOUS.

so why are people doing this (generally, not just re: my account)?

i’d like to assume it’s not because (my) pictures suck.  it’s funny, i’ve noticed that i have certain people that only like certain TYPES of posts.  that to me is sooooo weird.

i’m assuming it’s because either they’re just not using the app, they don’t want their followers seeing what they’re doing (aka crazy girlfriends/boyfriends, parents, etc.), maybe they’re “haters”? (worst term EVER) OR they’re just lazy (i doubt it).  either way, i don’t get it.  can someone enlighten me?  i just feel like all of those people are creepy.  i go out of my way to block/unblock these types, so that they’re no longer ghost following me…

i feel like if we had this option as users, there would be a different user flow.  people could be free to like whatever their lil hearts desired.  the truly fucking strange ones could then be singled out, by avoiding being seen on “like lists” altogether, i suppose.  i think it’s at least worth testing…


June 23rd, 2015

i’m reposting this via sara m. lyons


poor lil hiccup is a 6 week old, NYC stray kitten that had a broken leg that didn’t heal right.  he had to have surgery and there have been some complications…  there’s more info on his chipin page

♥ ♥ ♥ please donate even $5 if you can  ♥ ♥ ♥

! ! !  click here  ! ! !

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June 19th, 2015

so i’m going to sound like a total hypocrite, because i often post about the 80’s/90’s on my blogs… but i was just reading this article and it left me feeling kind of sad.

i’m SUPER nostalgic, don’t get me wrong – but sometimes brands/websites/magazines/etc. go a little OD on it (and i don’t mean you, hello giggles – i love love love you…  i mean, more like the super try-hard trending pop-culture buzzards *ahem, nylon, cough*).  it made me feel like we’re so focused on being nostalgic, that we’re not having current things for future generations to be nostalgic about.

the designer of the ever popular “jazz” design is pretty much like “i don’t get it”, and said “it’s just so insane to me”, when asked how she felt for being remembered for the design.  after i read that, i understood her completely.  it’s just her art.  she came up with something super simple, like a logo.  it is what it is…  it’s rad. it’s VERY retro…  the simplicity of it is just amazing.  as a designer, i’ve never done anything like that.  whenever i’ve been asked to work on a logo, my chaotic brain gets stuck and can never deliver.  i overcomplicate things with collaging layers and colours.

back the point i’m trying to articulate…  if we don’t embrace what’s going on now and keep creating, we’ll have nothing to look back on later.  in fact, i can’t really think of any fashion trends after the early 2000’s that we’ll look back on.  there’s barely anything avant-garde nowadays, and that’s kind of sad.  are we seriously all out of ideas?  when we look back at our era’s, we have styles/things we associate with them.  for me, the 50’s – diners and poodle skirts, the 60’s – hippies and bell bottoms, the 70’s – disco, the 80’s – side ponytails, crazy makeup, neon fashion, the 90’s – grunge, mini-butterfly clips, ravers, skaters, mom jeans, casual vests, the early 2000’s – emo kids, scene queens, juicy track suits.

after the early 2000’s…  crickets…  ???

we look back at our “awkward” fashion, and it’s almost as if it’s a rite of passage that we have things now, that aren’t awkward.  we forget that at one time they were the “cool” thing.

i think being an early 30’s chick in this day-and-age is fascinating, and horribly disappointing.  in the 90’s, we craved convenience and the future was on the cusp of being in our grasp.  we couldn’t wait for the deafening buzz of our slow modems to turn into silent, seamless, super-fast DSL/cable modem connections.  we wanted to retire our long/tangled phone cords, and be able to leave the room while chatting with people we dedicated allotted time slots to… now, we say 3/4 words or a couple of emoji characters and sometimes walk out of an open conversation completely.

i love/hate the internet.  it’s exploitative and invasive, presumptuous and opinionated, judgmental and aggressive.  on the other hand, i wouldn’t have my career if it wasn’t for my fascination of the internet.  i would be lacking tons of knowledge i’ve absorbed, i wouldn’t be selling my jewelry, i wouldn’t be coding websites, i wouldn’t have tons of friends that i’ve made over the years.  HELLOoOoOo… you wouldn’t be reading these words.

i just really miss the middle of it all.  when things were sort of figured out, but we still had things to look forward to.  where we had to figure things out, vs. having it all handed to us.  as much as i love being able to buy anything i want on the internet, it’s killing catalogs and actual stores.  we’re giving everything to technology and forgetting about people and real life.

it’s like we have it all figured out.  that, to me, is very sad and boring.

…fall into the gap.

June 18th, 2015


i read this article this morning, and it made me (and my 90’s heart) awfully sad.  it’s insane to me that a store like the gap could fall to failure on any level, even if it’s only closing a quarter of its stores.  deeper in the article, you’ll see that old navy is prospering more than the other companies in the gap family.  i’m not fully surprised… but sad none the less.

truth be told, i’ve always loved the gap.  it always had the best hoodies and solid clothing.  in high school, it was my go-to for carpenter jeans (yes, they WERE a socially acceptable thing in the 90’s), long sleves, GAP DREAM (duh), track jackets, kids scarves, tees and windbreakers.  here are some of my faaaaaaaveorites over time, below (at least what i could scrounge together from my instagram).

read the full post .-➜


June 17th, 2015


i am so excited to debut so many new rings and bracelets this time around.  hopefully my table viewers at the pop-up shop will feel the same way.  i’ve been stocking up on different colour seed beads, and new focus pieces, so i hope they tickle everyone’s fancy.

i also tried to convert as many perler bead rings as i could, over to seed beads.  a few ladies were complaining that it was pinching their fingers (SORRY!!! ♥).

it’s all a matter of living and learning doing this stuff, i’ve definitely come a long way since the olden days, lol.

bracelets dreamcatchers skulls

here is the flyer for the pop-up shop, if you’re in or around NYC and feel like stopping off in brooklyn.

fairy bread?

June 16th, 2015

i cruised through my usual buzzfeed article journey this morning, and stumbled upon a post featuring australian things…  so i clicked in there and found something called “fairy bread“.  i was unaware that such thing even existed!


apparently (confirmed through a hot australian dude that i talk to most weekdays), fairy bread is “soft white bread, butter and covered in sprinkles” (although he meant nonpareils, but maybe you can do either/or).

anyways, my first thought is: EW, WHAT?!

but then i found this recipe, and then this recipe… and i’m thinking…  YES.

may. try. to. make. this. magical. shit.

would you eat fairy bread???

currently booking…

June 15th, 2015

i try never to limit what i post about, since i feel super boring, if something strikes me as post-worthy, it’s up.  so here’s a random one…

a book recommendation!

i read somewhere that if i liked “twin peaks”, i’d LOVE wayward pines.  so i went on amazon and ordered it…  after i had read what it was about, i was intrigued.  i googled it just to see a little more about it, and then i stumbled upon articles that m. night schlamalamadingdong (shyamalan) was doing an adaptation for TV.  WOO (i love book to screen adaptations)!!!

i’ve successfully avoided all spoilers and info on the TV show, so i can keep going with the books.  i read pines in about two weeks and the 2nd book (wayward) in like, 2 days… lol.

as i was reading it, it occurred to me that if m night was doing it, i might end up hating it like i did “the village”.  if you haven’t seen that movie, i’m not going to spoil it for you, but the ending totally ruined it for me.  i was afraid that the wayward trilogy may end up like that, but by towards the end of the first book (pines), i thought otherwise.  i can’t wait for the last book, i want to know what happens and how it “ends”…  but most of all, i REALLY want to watch the mini-series.

i took the book out of my purse the other day in front of my mom, and it sparked a convo.  i had asked her if she watched the mini-series at all, and she lit up and said she loves it.  my mom usually likes the same type of creepy stuff as me…

it’s not horror, but it’s creepy and mysterious.  there is a super-natural element to it…  it’s sort of anxiety-driving, sometimes gorey.

so far, there’s nothing twin-peaks about it, other than a special agent goes to a small (northwestern) town about a crime investigation.  it’s DEFINITELY not as fucking trippy as twin peaks, nor is it a dark comedy at all.  at first it left me thinking that maybe ethan burke looked like either agent cooper or sheriff truman, but the more that i read on, the more it feels like a hybrid between the two.  i have him looking more like the sheriff in my mind, but now that i know matt dillon plays ethan, sometimes he pops up in my head.

anyways, so far SOOOO good.  read it!